I am Taiwan RM Game Developer, and write some article teach user use RMMV, sometimes I will write plugin for free



Loser Reborn


I got just one word to say ... WOW. This is really impressive! I really like this kind of tactical game. But what system are you using ?! Is it SRPG Studio ? I can see rpg maker mv but i can't believe what I see , did u make ur own system by urself ? I'd like to pay a lot to get this system... Geez. I have been looking for a system like that for years ! years...

yes, i using rpgmaker mv make this system
(btw, l love langrisser)

Let's work on your game descriptions!

thx for help!
and, yes , it means "The land of Elves".

Let's work on your game descriptions!

hi I need help for my description ....



A forgotten legend says "The man who is recognized by the Elf,
could gain the power to change the world.."Three years ago, the Land of Elvis became stronger and gradually on the verge of collapse.
Empire Abyss claimed to instruct to escape others countries for the righteousness.


  • SLG fight with the big army, you can choose different mercenary fight for you Multiple ending.

  • The end story will change by player's selection.tionTwelve main characters in this game.

  • Forty careers to train your own character.


Support Languages:

  • English

  • Japanese

  • Simplified Chinese

  • Traditional Chinese

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