it's like 60 Minutes on acid



l a t e r s

be back when my game's done

What are you thinking about right now?

thanks for not only completely missing the point of what i posted, but also just generally flaunting your ignorance. stay classy

rip ciel, you will be missed :(

Holbert: There are proper outlets for that like PM. What you are doing is simply for show.
Holbert: I guess it's pointless though.
YDS: I don't see what was wrong with what I did. I posted my feedback on the administration on the site in its proper forum.
Holbert: ... the other threads were locked with a request for no more debate on the subject and you don't see what is wrong?
YDS: I didn't see that. I also don't see why the debate has to be silenced.
YDS: Why is public dessent being kept out of the public eye? That's what the feedback forum is for, I thought.
Holbert: That's not the reason why and you know it. Very well.
YDS: But it is th reason.
YDS: I wouldn't risk being banned from a community I have been in for so long and contributed much to myself if it wasn't for something I honestly believe in.
Holbert: Then you do not know the facts.
YDS: what facts?
YDS: What are his other ~ deadly crimes ~?
Holbert: Very well. Continue your game.
YDS: I was just asking an honest question!
jesus christ

your post wasn't there when i posted this, holbert, sorry for posting this in the wrong th- *post deleted*

What are you thinking about right now?


I have a sudden urge to make games.
it's because all those VILE SHMUP TROLLS are gone!!! semper games! ~ the mgmt

edit: for the record the extent of my involvement with shmup is, uh, i posted on MD a few times and generally enjoy their RMN posts more than most

What are you thinking about right now?

can't wait until the anti-shmup hivemind refuses to read ciel's post on the grounds that it is "probably more trolling"

I'm glad this issue was dealt with quickly and effectively by the site staff.
lol yes very "effective"

edit: oh no my seizure avatar is gone :(


i love the concept of this game but the loli artstyle is appalling

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see what is that even meant to mean

you shouldn't like those people's posts. they were vile and fractious posts, you can't tell because the infringing posts were deleted so you will just have to trust holbert, the person who deleted them for inexplicable reasons. additionally, according to holbert, those people created unspecified trouble for rmn on other, unspecified forums in unspecified ways. again, don't try to find out exactly how trouble was created for rmn by these individuals on mysterious shadow sites, just accept that these people were up to no good and are better off gone.

What are you thinking about right now?

im glad that with someone like holbert around, i don't have to worry about anything but my new damage algorithms

What are you thinking about right now?

can we trade infectionfiles for magi

What are you thinking about right now?

fight the power, felipe :)

the long goodbye

rip yds

rip rmn