it's like 60 Minutes on acid



Ill Will

One of your keys is stuck.
well it only happens in rpg maker games so i don't know how that works, but i guess if it's not the game itself there's probably some resource for bizarre rm-only key sticking


Ill Will

i can't even start playing the game because when i get to the difficulty select screen it just starts cycling through them steadily and none of the buttons do anything. i thought it might be a conflict with my old shitty usb controller so i tried without it but it still happened. cursory glance of the comments suggests i'm the only one having this problem, too

don't suppose you have any idea how to fix this? :/

Star Stealing Prince

yeah it's not an issue re: the Radiance thing, just a dumb/funny coincidence that happened all 3 times

i guess i missed the part where the Helper says that because i was sort of rushing to finish before it got too late! oh well, i'll just get it the next time

also, you're welcome! thanks for making an awesome, charming game (and making it short enough for me to finish; wish retail rpgs wouldn't all try to be 80 hours long)

Star Stealing Prince

so i completely forgot this existed for a while after getting ~1/3 of the way through it, because i got distracted by work and school and whatever. then i found it on my hard-drive earlier today and booted it up and played straight through to the end and verdict: it owns

it really nails the "classic jrpg" feeling of having design choices that are weird and nebulous and it's just what it is without really being "good" or "bad". that maybe sounds like a bad thing? but it shouldn't at all. i guess what i'm trying to say is it feels like its trying to do its own thing rather than something striving to be the perfect rpg or whatever the hell

which in turn sounds cheesy and dumb but it's true and great

i'm even going to replay it just to get the bad ending, and being compelling enough to warrant replaying is (in my eyes at least) kind of a huge milestone for rpg quality that most don't manage to reach

in summary, where the hell is the green ribbon (i think it's the only missable thing i missed) oops i mean A++ would play again

thanks for having every NPC healing thing in the final battle occur immediately after i used Radiance, DICK

Star Stealing Prince

i haven't been on here in a long time but i played the demo for this and had to tell you

it fucking rules

there was a minor-but-jarring text error, though; once snowe decides to leave for the tower by himself, one of the patrons in the tavern (can't remember which and don't immediately have a good way of checking, but there's only like 5 of them so) has a "\[whatever" visible in their dialog box

oh and the IP stuff bug is kind of annoying (also funny/useful; even with the magic staff snowe can use his lightning attack! but i was raised right so i didn't abuse that)

and it's probably a good idea to ease people into the idea of exploring/interacting with everything & actually using buff/debuff items. but don't actually change the boss, i'd say; if you do everything how you're supposed to then he's just right

anyway keep up the good work and please send me snoweXhiante erotica

Demon Slayer

initial reaction: this is amazing

don't let me down.......

Edifice - A Slightly Less Decrepit Version

yaaaaaaaay *party horn*

Edifice - A Slightly Less Decrepit Version

craze, make this your tagline:

so no healing when the character dies the game will be over

Edifice - A Slightly Less Decrepit Version


"Almost entirely linear gameplay. Those fond of 'sandbox' games, stay away!"

thank you based god
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