Blades Of Arrayos

Smooth gameplay man, looks good. What battle system script is that by the way? Runs really nicely. P.s. During the prison sequence, when you stand over Terris' cell, the top of the gate appears under the player, not above. :)

The Wizard's Component

Did you include the font with it? If so, golden just needs to paste it into his computer's font folder.

No, I don't believe I did. Forgot all about it :S

The Wizard's Component

Well thats bloody annoying. Custom font obviously ruined that part haha.


Lookin' good!


Insane Download Size Jump

Insane Download Size Jump

That's a good point man I'll have a look, otherwise I'll keep you posted :P
EDIT: Well, you were right. Bask in glory :)

Breath of Fire: A Line Ended

I was looking at this game last night, and it's looking very nice :) Definately giving it a go.

The Wizard's Component

200 views and no downloads, good ratio :D
If it helps, I have 5,000 views and only like 70 downloads, though the download has only be available for the past 3,000, but give it time.

Oh, thank god!
Hahah nah, got the same with the other game I submitted. Just the way it goes :)

The Wizard's Component

200 views and no downloads, good ratio :D
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