A light, wistful tribute to The Little Prince in which a work-in-progress robot befriends a star.




this game is absolutely adorable, good job on this!
starbot is kind of relatable... they are really cute

aa thank you so much! i'm glad you found them relatable ;u;

This game made me cry.
Thank you for such warm and touching story, I really like it.

awww omg, thank you for your kind comment! thanks again for the lovely fanart also!


thank you!! it's very cool to see how your own game is coming along!


hi! that's really cool--thank you so much!!


thanks! i hope you enjoyed it.

aaaa wow i'm super flattered to hear that! thank you for the kind words!

omg ahah i'm flattered to hear that! also i'm glad you liked the game!! mat and lili are Good Moms (':


ahah i'm glad you liked it! thank you so much



wahh thanks so much! i'm really flattered by everything you've said + ahhh i'm glad you and your friend had an emotional connection! also yeah this game is meant to be played just fine if you haven't read the little prince, but there's definitely more depth + connection to theme if you understand the source material. thanks again!

also yo!! i'm actually working on two more games at the moment with very different tones! i might put up the rpgmaker one here: it's a dating sim with similar characters to starbot. the other is a text game retelling red riding hood from the woodsman's pov.


@nbuhi aaaaaa i'm rly excited that my game's been featured!!

also i'm extremely flattered to have my game called a worthy homage! it's impossible to stand next to a giant like the little prince but i'm glad the hints and other influences come through. i definitely wanted this game to be playable without having read the book, but i hope a certain special meaning emerges for readers.

thank you so much! also for the links yo

@kylaila the sloths looking like the protag was a happy accidental carry over.... those two sprites were some of the first ones i created long before i actually started writing the game and i thought it would have been cool to have a smaller robot protag and larger robots of the same line. then at some point they turned into sloth gods haha. it also fits more with the little prince.... re: baobabs. imo even w/o the sake of the game you should definitely give the little prince a read.

ahhh yeah i realize that level was very poorly designed /: here's a hint to the solution!

thanks for the feedback! i think the brand of sadness is a little too much Surface Level Angst so i can definitely agree x: but also i really like games that can hit the sad stuff in the fewest words + without too much indulgent discourse: wither and penpalz come to mind.


@marrend those are some really interesting theories--i like the first one a lot! tbh i like those better than my own explanation which is purposely obscured x: the world i wanted to make is surreal so i prefer to play to the unexplained in canon. if ur curious tho my notes might indicate that the robot's imagination program works too well.

thanks for reporting those bugs! i've actually fixed them a while ago in a super late update that i'll finish up after finals. i'm still catching typos x:

@hiromu656 thanks so much!! i had a lot of fun putting in the small hidden pieces to expand the characters and world. the president scene is Heavily Based on the little prince's encounter with the king... i'm not sure how familiar you are with the little prince but it's a pretty funny conversation.

the door in that map only requires 3 keys to be opened O: it's actually possible to get 3 keys without seeing a single malicious sloth (spoilers: theres 5 keys and 2 sloths). even if you do get caught, the lost key event only occurs once, and you can still get 3 keys.

on the compatibility: i'm. really not sure what's up //: rm2k3 is a little funky on compatibility with vista and up i think. i did a little google digging and i can't say for sure what the problem or solution is, but someone suggested on these forums running as administrator and in checking "disable display scaling on high DPI settings" in the compatibility settings but......... that sounds kind of close to what you had to do already ahah

Peeking at Stars

i'm in love with the visual design! the cool palettes are wonderful.


yea it's meant to be a casual game. thanks so much!
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