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Joseph's Farm

I've played a lot of rpgmaker games ranging from witches house to this. I can safely say yours is better than some of the others I played and a lot more fair than most.

Either way, congrats. Other than that, I did make a lets play of it but if you are in disagreement I can take the videos down.

By all means keep the videos up! I really enjoyed your voice narrative lol.

Very cool game. Awesome puzzles and great scenes.

I would like to point out, that the title of the game makes me curious. The showed images did not fit to the name of the game. Nice!

But to be honest, I do not get the story. There are many questions left, especially at the end of the game. Did you make a complete Story with all hints put together?

Thankyou! I'm really glad you were able to enjoy it. =)

Yeah Joseph did have a complete backstory that could be put together from hints if that's what you mean, it was just quite oblique. You didn't need to all the hints or symbols necessarily, just enough to form an opinion really, and his backstory's not complicated beyond that so if you suspected you knew what it was, you were probably right lol. Or if that's not what you mean, and you meant that the ending seemed really sudden... Yeah, you're not the only one lol. I think the previous poster described it like 'the game jumped off a cliff and didn't come back'. XD There are no secret endings or anything though that you can unlock by getting hints. Maybe I'll make a secret ending if I ever remake the game using better graphics, music etc. but it's just the two outcomes for now.

Joseph's Farm

Just finished it. The game itself was actually good for being what it was but besides that it's nothing out of the ordinary.

The ending, regardless of either, was left with almost nothing. Not going to spoil what either ending is but I will say I was expecting more. Other than that, everything else would be nit-picking for nothing.

Hope you continue to make games. I did enjoy it though.

I'm just glad you played and didn't absolutely hate it XD I never meant this game to be extraordinary or anything, but yeah I feel you about the ending, I definitely won't disagree with you it's sparse. I'm messing around with something in renpy now so hopefully anything else I make will be more dialogue-filled ... in the meantime, thanks so much for your fair comments.

Joseph's Farm

Random thoughts

Comment replies:

• Lol the secret door being left open XD I never thought about that
• Hmm yeah maybe I should put the info in game. I've seen people do puzzles that need external resources before, but it's not just you that doesn't seem to like them.
• Joseph didn't actually get ~killed~ for leaving his toys out. However he did get mistreated a lot which is part of why he's dying now. =P
• Really I thought the icon was a butcher's knife o.o maybe I looked at it wrong lol.
• it's "eat you up" in an original version of the fairytale. It's like a 'kiddish' way of speaking that people use with kids.

• I guess the waiter could have gone to sleep earlier in the day than you do, and go through the whole thing just ahead of you? But actually what happened (and he tells you this only if you backtrack and interact with the garden ladder) is he found the trapdoor on his own (which is why the tile looks different that time).
• I think with the maths and chemistry in this game I assumed the player had a certain knowledge level, sorry! Sorry if you didn't understand it, I guess I don't take into account people who are completely new to maths.


• Legit hidden rooms do sometimes exist in old buildings =P (Or if not, big storage cupboards/loft spaces that get turned into rooms.) I figure the school just had a hidden room or a cupboard left over from historical days that got forgotten about and reappropriated by the students.

• Joe would sometimes sleep in the library in the secret room, meaning his body's probably in the secret room.

• The life-for-a-life 'taking my place' thing is a moral I was trying to push with this game, haha. It's the idea that you can't expect to meaningfully 'help' someone while staying safe and protected on the sidelines (in this case, staying safe in a dream). To truly help, you have to make sacrifices without expecting kindness in return.

• The way I imagine the "switching" works: it isn't teleportation, it's more like the dream changes reality. When the dream ends, reality is rewritten to fit what happens, who lives and dies. Which is why you wake up in your bed rather than in the classroom and why joe's already been reported missing by the time you wake up. (It's like in this new reality, he had already died and Angela never met him.) I could have been more consistent with it though - I should have made it so the library burned down ahead of time, too, rather than "last night".

• If you set fire to the door, you'd probably burn the whole school down haha. Besides, I don't think Angela is properly aware of her abilities, just like how she doesn't acknowledge she's a lucid dreamer.

• The cage is a kind of metaphorical cage, it just represents his real-life imprisonment. So he's been ~confined~ for decades, but not literally in that one birdcage with the one door haha.

• Nobody was in the cell before, Joseph was the first (as he mentioned, he resorted to creating a 'world inside my mind'; he created the whole dream to mirror real life). Everything happens because Joseph wanted to escape death by luring someone in to replace him.

• The person Joseph targets is actually Joe, since Joe's a kind-hearted guy with a similar name (basically a good fit for replacement). Angela starts dreaming too because she has latent paranormal abilities (e.g. the latent pyrokinesis, which yes does awaken after this incident). They both would never have progressed without the peppermint incense though.

• The 3 items at the end aren't useless, you need them and ALSO a replacement person to get him out (he says "you just don't have ALL the pieces yet").

Thanks so much for playing =) I'm glad there were things you liked about it even if you didn't like googling stuff for the chemistry/maths puzzles (I take it those are what you were primarily talking about?) and if you thought the ending was unsatisfying.

I'm sorry there wasn't more dialogue for character development. I think I did a good enough job of characterising them with what little dialogue there was, but I understand if you think it felt 'bare'.

Thanks again for your time. =)


It's not the golden trims at all. Those actually look nice. I meant the edges of the room. Also infection, really? People actually make weird shaped carpets? That's interesting.

I can attest to this, I used to live in an old victorian house with lots of weird-shaped rooms haha.

Joseph's Farm

This looks pretty interesting. I'll definitely be giving it a try when the download is added :3

Thanks, I hope it will be interesting to you =). (Or if not, thanks for giving me a chance anyway!)

The art for the characters is nice, and everything is as the introductory part of this page says. (That means I'm really slow, but it does catch attention, because it's full of hints and symbols that'll make you think of a lot of questions - and when people get curious, it usually leads them to want to know.) It's a good story, even though I don't entirely understand it.

Haha yeah, I get that a lot about the story. Thank you about the art though, and for playing =)


Carpets can actually be weird shapes, depending on cuts and trim/wall placement. This is coming from a carpenter so it can happen(and it's not an easy thing do to in my experience)
But I do agree! I think Frogge means more of it as a rug, even though it is a carpet tile but I like the idea more of wood floor paneling with a more straight cut carpet piece.
Also! It's not common to have carpet in a dining area anyways. It probably does happen a lot with fancier homes but it usually isn't wise to have drinks like red wine and cake in area with carpet flooring :P

I do like the way you did the stairs too, looks great!

Yeah, I agree that the gold trims make it look like a rug rather than a carpet. And while carpet can be cut to fit around walls, rugs aren't usually. (You rpgmaker peeps are so observant lol!)

Thankyou about the stairs! This isn't a dining area though, it's a general party/reception area, so I think cake is permissible.


I like the stairs a lot. However, you really have to watch out for the carpet usage. In real life, carpets do not bend. They are either squares or rectangles(or circles but you would need a custom tileset for that, otherwise it would make no sense if you made it out of autotiles). What I recommend you do is have the carpet from the entrance go straight and have the sides be made of wood.

Yeah I see what you mean =P I should have gotten rid of the gold trimmings. This is why I need to hang around the rpgmaker forums more often lol.


Heads up, if you do not need them you can get rid of the status and gold windows by going to Scene_Menu and putting a # infront of create_gold_window and create_status_window. And if you do want to keep them I heavily recommend you at least reduce the size of the status window(Feel free to PM me if you need help :) )
I REALLY appreciate that I removed unwanted menu options though. I've seen quite a few developers who don't even bother googling how to do that and just leave useless options in there.

Hey thanks, but I do like the status window which is why I kept it =) That said I didn't actually know you could get rid of the gold window in vx ace lol, I never even checked, I guess because I think it's kind of charming in its own way. Thanks for making me aware though.


Honestly, if you don't use the RTP - which has set out known uses - properly, you're going to get people questioning your ability to use graphics of any type. If it was your own graphics that would be different, but if I let this through the queue you'll get a lot of people complaining and constantly pointing out the issues and calling you out for bad tile usage. I'd also get called into question about my work when it comes to checking the queue because we have standards and part of those standards is being able to show that you can map coherently with the graphics at your disposal.

Just because you choose to map badly doesn't make it not mapping badly, after all. It's the same as if someone deliberately spelt everything wrong in their description - it would still be an issue and I would be forced to tell them to fix it up. Sorry, but if you choose to map wrongly with tiles that have known proper usage, then I have to judge you by the standard of those uses just as I judge all other images that come through.

If someone who is a true newbie when it comes to mapping made those mistakes I would do the same as I have done - give them tips on how to fix it and wait until it is fixed before allowing the game on the site.

Right, working on it - thanks for all your input. Even though I might not have agreed with everything, I still appreciate it.


Just because you use something wrong deliberately doesn't make it not-wrong. People are definitely going to point that out as a mistake over and over because the RTP does have conventions for their usage. If you want to make the room look cuter and smaller, there are edits out there that include 1-tile high wardrobes and the like, just for one-tile high houses. I highly recommend looking for some of them. (I did some myself a while back, if you want to check those out: )

Honestly, while creative license is great and all, certain things you just can't get away with because it will make you look like you have no idea what you're doing and people will criticise you for it.

I think I'll go with the one-tile wardrobe, thanks a bunch for sending that, especially since you didn't have to.
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