I am CM the owner of CM Games. Hi ^^
A story that will surely touch your soul.



Designing Art for Videogames

Thank You. This is what I needed now. CM.

Puzzle Design: How to Make Them Fun and Addicting

Thanks for this. Needed this one on my game. CM.

Using Key Items to Trigger Events

do you have any script were you can combine 2 items? CM.

A Plea: Don't Make Your First Game a Team Game

Thanks, and no harm done :)
You will get used to the site soon. People interested can easily find your games through your profile if they want, so you will only link them on rare occasions.

Enjoy your stay, and work hard ;)
(you as well, lurking robb!)

Thank You. CM.

A Plea: Don't Make Your First Game a Team Game

Please do not bluntly advertise your games in all possible threads, articles, and especially not on other people's gamepage. Especially seeing how Dust is buzzing and has enough attention already anyway. It just comes across as bad taste.

If you want to trade feedback or specifically talk about your game, do it in a more private manner. Ask for feedback, talk with people and once there is interest about what you do, share what you do.
Adding it to any and all posts sends off the message of "Visit my game, PLEEEEEAAAAAAAAAASE", and devalues whatever you were saying before that, making it seem like an excuse to promote your games. I'm sure that's not what you want or intend to be doing.

Just saw a few instances right after another, so I thought I should point it out.
It's as polite as asking someone a question and then babbling away before the person can even answer it.

I have to apologize. I thought it is alright to link my game. I'm very new to this site. Anyway thanks for correcting me. Links deleted.

A Plea: Don't Make Your First Game a Team Game

Great article. I'm currently doing my game DUST alone even though I have 4 members mostly graphic artists. I am all alone and I like it personally.

(links deleted)
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