I am CM the owner of CM Games. Hi ^^
A story that will surely touch your soul.




Ah, dreadfully sorry that we don't check back here very often! Regardless, we value your feedback, whether to help us improve the game, or just to help encourage us. Thanks for everything guys! :)

Please make more games like this or similar to this! I'll support you all the way. :) CM


what does DUST. CM. mean? I see it in your posts a lot.

He probably means something like ''DUST team, Cmgamesph'' or ''Dust by cmgamesph'' I think. Altough if that's the case it does seem a little unnecessary.

DUST is a game I am currently developing. CM Games is my game company. CM is the initials of my name. Thanks for visiting. CM.

Pom Gets Wi-Fi

HELLariouzzz haha.. I enjoyed this game sooo much. This is the most funniesssshhh game I've played so far. Haha..the two "Dogteams" and the main dogtagonist is FUNNIER than Mr. Bean! hahaha for that...RAFF RAFF RAFF! that means AWESOME. -> Overacting comment by CM. xD 1/10! hahahaha

Hypnotherapy Trainer

This is quite possibly the most unusual game I have seen on this site


Unusual yet worth playing. CM.

Hypnotherapy Trainer

I enjoyed the game and it is very educational. Try to play the game guys. You'll learn a lot. CM.

The Merchant's Tale

I like the graphics. Added on my playing lists. CM.

Pom Gets Wi-Fi

Subscribed! It's about Dogs for God's sake! on my playing list. CM.


Subscribed! on my Playing lists. CM.

The Unofficial Squaresoft MUD

Interesting kind of game. CM.


Oh well it's a reference to fifty shades of gray, and if you say you haven't heard of that movie, I don't belive you XD
It was a joke about how the game uses tones of gray

I heard of that film/book but didn't able to watch it. It's funny how people expect DUST to be a "grayish" or "black & white" kind of game and later finds out that they are wrong :D in fact the game has a lot of landscape paintings and colorful maps as you continue to explore the world of DUST. CM.
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