I am CM the owner of CM Games. Hi ^^
A story that will surely touch your soul.




what tilesets are you using? CM.
I think they are original tilesets

Oh and why is that clown in his underwear?

ahaha..that's a style :D


what tilesets are you using? CM.


Good to hear.

You might want to replace the old screenshots with the new ones in that case to show the most updated version of your game.

Also, I would personally recommend replacing the RPG Maker edited main character with something more thorough like the rabbits in your other screenshot. Right now it clashes with the rest of the art (not homogeneous) (pixel art vs the rest which isn't). Judging from the art of the rabbits, you could do a lot better for the main character sprite. At the moment it's a bit of a let down considering it's the main character... :(.

I'll wait to comment on the most recent screenshots about the blur. At the moment I feel like it's heavy handed and not managed properly across the various elements (background vs foreground).

If you can replace the main character and tidy up the blur effects, it would give much more finished look.

thank you for all of your feed backs. It will help me to see things differently from other people's perspective. I will but for now I need to fix my laptop first which is the main resource of my gaming development. Thank you again sir and I hope you will still here once I release DUST. CM.


I like the tilesets you're using. Can you share it with me. ^^ CM.


Personally I'm not a big fan of the photoshop effect.

I don't think using the smudge tool makes a lot of sense here. Also, I think it would make more sense if the light halo didn't go all the way into the ground...

Just my opinion of course.

Thank you for your comment. Noted. Just an info. I did not used any smudge tool in that screenshot. Maybe a little blur effects and it's not the final screenshots of the game though, it was taken from a Demo version of the game. The game is now updated and the mapping/visuals were improved. And for me personally, there's no wrong in using PS. I'm using PS, SAI, and Krita. CM. :)


I love the graphics. Hope this game is available now. CM.


Nice aesthetic

Thank you sir. CM.


cool stuffs! keep it up! CM


I lost my virginity to how good this looks :O

ahahaha best comment..
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