Rpg maker mv icon frame plugin request?!?!

Mostly people address this by including the frame with the icon in the icon set. I.E. make two copies of the wooden sword in your image editor with a different frame on each.

(This is also a great way to use 24px icons made for VX Ace, by adding a 4px border all the way around)

Otherwise what you're asking for could be achieved by overdrawing the first icon with a second icon in the same place (with the 2nd icon being just the frame). Making that be done everywhere (inventory, status, messages, crafting scene...) is the harder part.

If you want the frame to be a larger size than the icons, you'd have to deal with overlapping lines too (the icon height and line height are both 32px by default.

Font Texture

Quick question, is this plugin allowed for use in commercial games? Thanks!

Yes, that's fine - just credit wherever you're crediting other resources you use.


RMMZ: How to make a simple Dual Tech / Triple Tech system?

Splitting down dual techs into smaller parts:
* To use the tech, everybody involved needs to be in the battle and alive
Here, $gameParty gives you access to the required information via battleMembers()
You'd need to annotate the skill with a list of the actors who should be present to use it.
You'd need to write that code to disable the command when the use conditions are not met.
(Battle system plugins exist that will handle the command menu for you, but you still need to write a function that returns whether the skill is available or not)

* To use the tech, everybody involved needs a full ATB gauge
An extension to the above, and only relevant if you're using active mode like chrono trigger.
As well as checking each person is in the party and alive, you'll need to test their ATB charge.
Player characters are represented by Game_Actor, Game_BattlerBase has functions common to both actors and enemies.

* When the skill is used, it uses everybody's turn
How you do this massively varies depending on if you're using turn based, active or wait mode, or a plugin's custom battle system.
Turn based is pretty much what Marrend implemented in VXAce - needing to automatically set commands for the other actors involved in the tech.
For active / wait, you could knock back the other characters' gauges to zero - or put them directly into a casting state.

In all cases, the "caster" could be any one of the characters, but you should know the actor ids of everybody from having annotated you skills with this.

* Presentation
Chrono trigger was strong in the choreography of the dual and triple techs, moving all the involved characters around the screen.
This is strictly optional if using front view battles, but it could look odd if using default side view and one character steps forward etc.

There are animated battle plugins, and if you have mastered one of them you'd be able to coax it into doing this. A lot of the easy commands in them are for one character performing a skill on one or more targets.

You can of course make your own - it's a big job.


You seem to be looking at using a common event on the skill - these normally run *after* everything else in the skill has been executed.
While not ideal, you can have the skill chosen do nothing at all, and the common event force an action depending on whether conditions were met or not.
To cancel out you'd need to understand the battle system well enough to give the character an extra turn - something that doesn't match the way the default turn based battles work (but could be done with ATB using a script call to refill the character's ATB gauge).
This feels not ideal to me.

[RMMV] Best way to make gambling

OK, you have three reels with 5 symbols on each.
So you need three variables:

◆Control Variables:#0001 = Random 161..165

Why 161..165? That's the icons for the 5 coloured orbs in the default icon set.
You will add your 5 symbols to the icon set anywhere you like, just make sure the icon numbers are sequential (e.g. put them in a horizontal row)

Do this three times using three different variables, so you have your three reels each randomized.
Then a "show text" command with the variable substitutions so that you get the icons displayed

◆Control Variables:#0011 reel 1 = Random 161..165
◆Control Variables:#0012 reel 2 = Random 161..165
◆Control Variables:#0013 reel 3 = Random 161..165
◆Text:None, None, Window, Bottom
: :\i[\v]\i[\v]\i[\v]

With just this, each time you interact with the slot machine, you'll see three symbols pop up.

Next, we want to check if the player wins or not. A win is getting three of the same symbol. So let's check for that first:

◆If:reel 1 = reel 2
◆If:reel 1 = reel 3
◆Text:None, None, Window, Bottom
: :You Win!



See marrend's post above for how to use a single conditional branch with a script call instead of two nested branches.

Next, you probably want a different payout on different symbols.
Since we already know that all three symbols are the same, we just need to check the first symbol - so 5 branches

The whole event looks like this:
◆If:Self Switch A is OFF
◆Text:None, None, Window, Bottom
: :This machine has a 2\g stake.
◆Control Self Switch:A = ON

◆If:Gold < 2
◆Text:None, None, Window, Bottom
: :The stake is 2\g, but you don't have enough.
◆Exit Event Processing

◆Play SE:Coin (90, 100, 0)
◆Change Gold:- 2
◆Control Variables:#0011 reel 1 = Random 161..165
◆Control Variables:#0012 reel 2 = Random 161..165
◆Control Variables:#0013 reel 3 = Random 161..165
◆Text:None, None, Window, Bottom
: :\i[\v]\i[\v]\i[\v]
◆Control Variables:#0014 payout = 0
◆If:reel 1 = reel 2
◆If:reel 1 = reel 3
◆If:reel 1 = 161
◆Control Variables:#0014 payout = 5

◆If:reel 1 = 162
◆Control Variables:#0014 payout = 10

◆If:reel 1 = 163
◆Control Variables:#0014 payout = 15

◆If:reel 1 = 164
◆Control Variables:#0014 payout = 20

◆If:reel 1 = 165
◆Control Variables:#0014 payout = 50



◆If:payout > 0
◆Play ME:Victory3 (90, 100, 0)
◆Change Gold:+ {payout}
◆Text:None, None, Window, Bottom
: :You win \v\g!


[RMMV] Plugins for changing faces during battle depending on conditions?

As an idea, if you're using some kind of action sequencing plugin (like Yanfly or AKEA) for battles, that can make a script call at certain points within the sequence.

Then have that script call change the actor's graphic.

If you're lucky, it'll just work.
If not, you'll need to trigger a refresh of the battle status window as well.

[RMMV] Best way to make gambling

If you use icons for the symbols, you could use \I[\V] to display an icon number specified by a variable in a message window.

You could use events for the reels, and have an event page displaying each symbol (this would work with transferring the player to another map where the slots game happens, and transferring them back afterward)

You could use pictures for each reel, and move them up or down a number of pixels determined by the variable multiplied by the vertical size of each symbol, and show through transparent holes in a slot machine picture displayed above.

Or, the *easiest* way for RPGMV is to look in the dlc folder for KadokawaPlugins_New/js/plugins/SlotMachine.js
(I believe this to be a free update in the steam version, you'd probably have to search for the download on RMWeb if you use the standalone version)

That would give you something premade, though you can replace the images / configure some of the messages.

[RMMV] Character Generator : Eye & Skin Colors

Are you aware of the "extended generator" tool?

It's easier to modify than the MV built in generator with extra gradients (though it's a bit clunky to use).


I agree with the rankings, even if I've completely overestimated mine (4th). But I was right about my percentage (60 to 70).

My top 3 was correct... but in reverse.

I had yours ranked a bit higher - but the middle 5 scores are all quite close so a couple of points swing in the judges' ranking could have flipped the order around easily.
Concentrate on the text more than the scoring, there's good advice in there. (Even if you don't agree with everything said)

[RMXP] Skills linked to equipment?

Be careful doing that because if a character is affected by multiple element rate traits they are multiplied.
(two 50% rates is 25%, but two -100% rates is +100%)

So it's not available out of the box, you have to script it (and consider how you want to handle multiple equipment pieces with element drain)