Isle of Dread Review

The graphics are indeed the XP RTP, with some conversion of the auto tiles. Except for the tree canopies, which are from REFMAP.

Swap in 3 Middle with Who?

I have 2k,2k3,xp,vx,vxa,mv,mz (all steam version).
I prefer vxa and later versions

Font Texture

author=SpellcraftQuill gets cut off in a message box.

Uploaded a new version with fixes for this.
When updating an existing project, be sure to open the plugin settings and save them.

* The clipping box can be expanded by a configurable size in each direction. The default is 2 font pixels, which is usually enough to allow outlines not to be cut off.
* clipping can be turned off entirely if you prefer (which will allow text to overflow the max width requested).

Is there a way to skip the [monster] emerges message in RPG Maker MZ?

A further thought:

Because the game message system is used to display that text box, you can use text codes to auto dismiss the message.
e.g. in the "terms" section of the database, change the Emerge text to "%1 emerged!\.\^"
This would display the message, wait 0.25 second, then dismiss the message automatically.

If you want to skip the messages entirely, do what Marrend said and override either BattleManager.displayStartMessages or BattleManager.startBattle.

RPG Maker MV - What's the easiest way to have an enemy have multiple actions per turn?

Go to the enemies traits, and add "action times+ 100%" for each extra action per turn you want them to have.

If the chance is less than 100%, it's random whether they get an extra action or not.

[RMMZ] Calling on a common event after a fight

You could have an auto run or parallel common event activated by a switch, and turn that switch on during the battle via a battle event - it will run when returning to the map in that case.

Otherwise plugin is the best route - $gameTemp.reserveCommonEvent(id) queues an event to run on return to the map.

(MZ is a queue, MV has only one reserved event that replaces any previous one, IIRC)


There is a data bank that classifies all the commands that can be integrated into a script ? as:

*Window_BattleStatus. prototype. maxCols
*Game_Party. prototype. maxBattleMembers

The core scripts in your game folder are presented in a readable form - if you look in the rmmz_windows.js you can find all the functions that are part of the base engine windows, rmmz_objects.js has all of the Game_xxx classes for actors, party, item etc.

If you study those, with a general javascript reference to look up anything you don't understand, you'll be able to figure out what functions are available and what they do.

[SOLVED] [RMVX ACE] Game font is not appearing in the exported game

Check that the custom font is in the fonts subfolder of the exported game.
If you have not removed the requirement completely, then the default font VL-Gothic-Regular.ttf should also be in the fonts folder.

If you've made an RTP free game, then everything should be in the subfolders of your game folder that is needed to run it.

Screenshot Submission sizes

624 pixels wide (MV default) manages to avoid having scroll bars.
If you look at the images on the public profile for your game, they probably have a scroll bar (which makes the game page look worse than it should).
If you can avoid scrollbars, that should be enough.

[RMMV] Alternative to MP

Sorry I can no longer find it, perhaps I confused for something else.
The "skill core" plugin does support custom skill costs, so you could use variables or similar.