[RMMZ] parameter parsing

Plugin parameters and command arguments give us lots of data types, including structures.
Unfortunately these are all encoded as strings, and it's left to the plugin to decode it. The 'schema' expressed in magic comments is only accessible to the editor.

Which leads to lots of boiler plate repetitive code - a simple JSON.parse returns booleans and numbers as strings, structures as encoded strings that need to be JSON parsed again.

What approaches are people taking to this?
I've seen hungarian notation (embedding type information in the parameter names), but dislike this if there's a better option.
Using a schema or fixed code relies on replicating the information faithfully in the magic comments used by the editor.

Download for script submissions

Would it be possible to have a download / attachment on script submissions?

Would be easier for users to save a file than view a page and copy/paste, especially for MV plugins. Script writers wouldn't need to worry about subtle corruption introduced by the bbcode parser.

What did you make when the site was down?

When you couldn't browse the forums, you were spending your time on gam mak, right?

We also had a mini event on discord to try and make something.
Post screenshots or videos of what you made today, or if you managed to make something playable post a download link.

[RMMV] Fun with tall sprites

I prefer the look of "tall" sprites over the square chibi sprites that are default.
However I'm not a very good artist, therefore slow.

So, searching around, I found somebody by the name of hiddenone has made base sprites that work quite well over on RMW.

As I said, I'm lazy, so I like to use character generators.
The heads on those base sprites are smaller than the chibi sprites, and also in
different positions (especially in the side view).

Scaling and repositioning the hair pieces onto the tall sprites works quite well, but is a reasonable amount of work.
Enough work for a lazy programmer to script it with ImageMagick (warning, it's a Swiss army knife, and expects you to know the difference between the bottle opener and the tool for removing stones from horses hooves)
I ended up using:
crop - to slice up the sprite sheets
resize - to scale the sprites
extent - to reposition the sprites
montage - to put the sprites back together in a sheet

Yay, I now have working hair on the TV and SV sprites.

The clothing on the other hand does not scale well.
If you stretch it, it looks a total mess. If you slice it and fill in, you still need to fix up the sleeves (and the fill in is 75% of the area, even if you are converting a long dress to a short dress).

Have a layering image editor (like GIMP or photoshop), it's tractable.

Here's an RTP edit of the green dress (female clothing 1)

(I didn't make a side view for this)
The original dress is ankle / floor length, while this is knee length to reduce the amount of guesswork.

While this is a "from scratch" black dress to go with those tall sprites:

Once more as a complete character:

(The hair is "A wavy design" by SythianBard & SaltyArrow)

Formalwear for the guys:

I made this as seperate layers so he can take off the jacket, or use the same shirt in a different outfit.

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