wow that's nice! somehow reminds me of Chaos Engine on Amiga :)


Thank you! & Greetings fellow writers!

D is for Dungeon

dig your shop music & atmosphere!
You know the value of shop music! :)
I bought so much more in your game than in many other games! just kidding hihi


Heya! Nice forum! Nice place you got here!
Yeah not much to say, don't usually like to do these intros on forums but make exception here 'cos this forum is... exceptional!
Been around rpg's since 80's. My bro's fault who got into final fantasies at the age of five and so jrpg is like an old childhood friend to me, although I have been accused of not being a real hardcore gamer, at least these days :)

I have dabbled into writing before; always been fascinated in all kinds of narratives. What a pain I was to my parents asking them to read, read, read! So now I intend to put all that narrative madness into making games :)

Been interested in cyberpunk and futuristic things, so I'm practising rpgmakering with futuristic tileset. I'm very thankful to the artists who made this!
Damn you William Gibson and Bruce Sterling, I can't get out of this Cyber Fascination!!

what would be a good fictional or fantasy artisan craft or trade

this thread (and the whole forum) is inspirational!
Reminds me of Discworld books... Maybe those could be an inspiration for this guild/craft thing?
I remember Mr. Twoflowers who was an official Tourist, come from a land faraway, to study the city of Ankh-Morpork, carrying his imp-powered camera and the chest walking on thousand (or at least many) little legs.
Maybe a guild of tourists?

On First Projects

thank you for you all. I am new here, just bought Ace about a month ago.
I had one of the old ones about 8 years ago, 2k I think.
I was exactly that guy who went in to create an epic 1st game, failed, gave up creating games... Now, my 1st game on Ace is called Test Lab 1 :)
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