Pokémon RMN Version

demo is ok but WTF is up with the second gym,on saying that keep up the good work

Ara Fell

i'm glad to see this project reborn, i've played the original you released and enjoyed it (bugs and all) i wish you the best and if poss upload a demo when it is ready.

Dream Drift

look nice but I can't play as it seems to not work. when in the hospital room I press keys but nothing seems to happen although i can hear sound is this a bug? or something else, any ideas?

Ara Fell

Wow it's back!

1) please don't cancel as i've all ready played this to the end more than once.

2) Please more chapters!!!!

3) Subbed!


World's Dawn

has anyone else had it hang when you get to the last 2 people to meet (new spring version) or is it just me?

*** edit *** the way round this is to play the old spring version until you've net all villages the copy save file over.

Ultimate Mage: Kami Quest

hi, i keep getting an error report "graphics/parallaxes/manapass" is not found any ideas?

Assembling the Void

very nice, have just finished the demo last night (uk time) the only thing wrong i can find is in some areas it seems to lag (but this could be my system) and the interface takes some getting use to.but a solid A from me and will be subbing!

Memories of Elefee

Looks brill *** subs ***
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