Happy game making, all!
Avelions - The Ancestors
The beginning of all stories~



LIVENEL - Nocturnal Skyrift Demo v1.08 & Future Plans

I wrote a honest review. Can I request a character too?^^

Sorry, I missed this post. Yes, but please throw a 11/10 next time.xD jk.
I'll open to any suggestion and I wouldn't mind naming npc or character
with a friend's name. Just PM me. :)

LIVENEL - Nocturnal Skyrift Demo v1.08 & Future Plans

I'm going to print out this screenshot, frame it, put it on my wall, and pass it down to future generations as a family heirloom. You're really just too much dude. All this hard work you've been putting in makes me want to work harder too. You better believe I'll be playing your demo when I get some more time on my hands!

A promise is a promise. xD The same thing goes for me, my friend. I had been struggling with low self-esteem for months, before I got inspired by your game and you enlightened me that day to finishing what I started. Thanks, I'm looking forward to your feedback! <3

LIVENEL - Chapter 1 Major Update~

You are now one of my favorite people.

You're an idol!

LIVENEL - Chapter 1 Major Update~

Holy smokes, that's a lot of stuff.

There's more to come!

In Chapter 2, I created a side mission called Wheelman Zero where the player
can take Zero's heavily armored vehicle upon defeating him in a street race.
*Please spare my soul for using these names, bro. :D

LIVENEL - Teirra Haven Map Design

Thank you! :)

LIVENEL - Chapter 1 Demo v0.20 is out~

Known bugs & glitches (v0.20)

- Realms Duel Arena on the 4th floor can't be accessed due to Karra's
early appearance. At other times, the floors except 7th are blocked permanently.
- Object Indicators are not showing for some important objects, like the classic
HT at the Dyna Base. And sometimes, these indicators overlap the Guide's arrow.
- Lucain has a wrong pose when he uses "projectile mantra".
- Stamina HUD disappears after specific interactions.
- "A little Help" side mission can't be completed after the airship arrived
at Teirra Haven - Flight Point.
- Day & Night System is not working in Abyssal Barren.

DEMO is now out! :D

Whoa! I've been waiting for this! I really dig the art. Congratulations, Koopa. <3

IMPORTANT NOTE ( For all OPTD II players )

ah then, the cause is not the DF ?
OK just wait for v5.0, in the secret laboarotory,
you can sell all 1* cards without entering shop.
it works fine here to fix the error.
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