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Avelions - The Ancestors
The beginning of all stories~



LIVENEL - Nocturnal Skyrift Chapter 1 (Part 1/2)

Here's the Chapter 1 Demo. Opening Scene ~ First Boss Battle Test.

LIVENEL ~Opening Test~

I just hope that we can play the other two characters from the beginning.

They will be available in Chapter 2. Their story starts right after the end of Chapter 1.

LIVENEL ~Eidart Gameplay Test~

Eidart's pose is still entirely inconsistent when he performs some actions, i.e. his Hell Judgement. :( I'll get to work on it right away.

LIVENEL ~New Battle System Test~

Keep fighting cradth,i hope you could finished the game soon.Btw are you from Indonesia?
I'm from indonesia too.I'm very interesting with this game,but why the battle system changed to turn-based.I think action battle system in avelion 5 is best.So sad the battle has changed.But i'm still waiting this game come out.

Thanks for the kind words, bro! Yes, I'm Indonesian, mantul! XD Currently I'm doing papers everyday so I can barely find time to handle such complicated battle system plugin. :( I'll do my best to keep this game updated. Stay tuned.

LIVENEL ~Teirra Map Update 2~

There's a lot of inconsistency in that map. I'll fix it soon.

LIVENEL ~Old Battle System~

It's a battle system for the old version of the game. I decided to use Classic ATB-Sideview Battle System for the future release.

LIVENEL ~Teirra Map Update~

Teirra Map update~

I replaced previous grass texture with grass tileset from high fantasy pack.
I also replaced RTP graphics for stones, flower and plant with the one from high fantasy pack.
Now everything in the map has the same graphic style, it's a half-realistic with strong colors.

KASATMATA - Let's Try Video by Fellow Player

My apologize, now the link is fixed.

Let's Play: One Piece - Triple Duels II (Part 01) & (Part 02)

hi, thanks for the videos. im about to update this game,
yup, v4.0 is coming soon.
several fixes that may help you and everyones :

- Empty boxes will turn into random cards, random berry or bounties (Conquest).
- "story" text is skippable (Story Mode).
- Higher drop chance.
- More Fusion recipes to get more cards w/o heavy grinding.
- New Modes, more secrets...

Stay tuned.

A very simplistic TCG.

thank you for the videos. :)
it has more strategy after 15 minutes playtime btw.
the opening battles are for tutorial purpose. :)
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