I like to play games, all kind of games, in my free time but rarely i record it . I'm in love with rpg and horror games.
List Of Games That I Played: Mura Oni / Along the Edge /Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea/Pocket Mirror/
Imaginary Friends/The Madnes of Altham/The Hunt/ Amayado Bus Stop/Cloé’s Requiem/Blue Marble/Price./
Trick&Treat/The gray garden/Immortal......and many more



Dead Again


Around me, crimson-stained leaves


Voices of Friendship


Black Dog

another great game from you :) cant wait to try it ! good luck

Voices of Friendship

if this game is horror ..i'm in :) i love horror stuff



Similar Mountains

I love it :)

Broke Brodie

to bad it was so short >.< i wanted to know more about the story :)

Gathering on Halloween Night to Summon

wow what a twist :) i really enjoyed and kinda wanted to be a little longer but it was cool :)

Blank Space

very intersting game :) here is alittle lp :
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