Lisa "The First"

(And why all the Earthbound character sprites?)

Lisa "The First"

While this was a very interesting game, with a nice style and theme, it feels very unfinished. I was never told in-game that there were VHS tapes to find. I found two, but I assume there are more? Also I have no idea what lead to the ending and what to do if I would replay the game. It would have been great to be able to replay the VHS tapes. The spider puzzle in Vomit Land was impossible if one moved a boulder wrong. I guess I completed the game as it said "THE END" but when I pressed V i was just returned to the item screen, this time with a different font. When I pressed menu again I was transported to a seemingly endless white room. I had to manually shut the .exe file down to exit.
Things I, despite that, liked about the game: The soundtrack was great, especially the song in the impossible spider puzzle. The game felt very much inspired by Yume Nikki. I really liked the sound effects, they felt very professional and really added to the game. Also, was the game inspired by the movie Martha Marcy May Marlene? And is there more to find out about this "mom" mentioned in the file names?
(This is my first time posting anything. Should this have maybe been a review instead? I created an account just to comment, so...)
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