I have a passion for videogames, but ultimately, I desire to be a high-school world history teacher.

I have interests in:
1. F-Zero
2. Sonic The Hedgehog
3. Pokemon
4. Super Mario Bros.

Anyway, I'm a cool guy sometimes, and I really want to put up some submissions from RPG maker 2003.



So, I'm trying to make

'k. Thanks. I don't post a lot, so I didn't know.

BTW, I lost the phone number and other contact information

So, I'm trying to make

Okay, so...I'm actually trying to create a game...(hadn't posted in a while). I have the story, and more stories in composition notebooks, for the series, my brother and I hope to create (that would be Distant Dreams). This started as an IDEA for a Fire Emblem RPG, but my brother forced me to be original. And, I must say, I do like being original. (Much better than tryin' to hack Fire Emblem) Anyway, everything's all set, but I've got a BIG problem. I just got 80% of my 1st hero's sprite finished, when I decided to shut down for the night. I also created some more of the first castle, in the world. And then, my brother felt compelled to get up, from bed, while I slept, and use the computer. He wanted to play "Luna" online, which is a MMORPG. When I got up at 8:26 A.M., I turned on the computer--only to find that "Windows failed to start." and "It is corrupt, or missing". (It refers to a file that has memory). a nutshell, my computer crashed, and --you won't believe it--but as responsible as I am, I lost the Windows Install disc, so I cant restart, my computer.

New guy

I changed my site.

Hey Gamemakers, Stop Giving Up!

that's right man.


I oughta try that sometime...

- Review

Everyone makes mistakes.

How can you make the enemy's HP visible?

I like to create games, but I would like to be able to see my enemy's HP when I fight in one.

It would also be nice if I could make enemy sprites moves in RPG maker 2k3.

How to use switches

I haven't used VX yet, but I'll give it a try...

Using Status Effects Well

What about enemies who are thick, like Snorlax?

Should you let them have about 50,688 HP? and 35 defense?

A lesson in life

Just like a job interview or college application.
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