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Psychological Horror - Mystery




Can I play your game on my yt channel if it is ok with you

Of course! Thank you ^^

A Figment of Discord

Unfortunately I've run into another problem, I've completed the orphanage and am trying to return to the mansion (which if I recall correctly is the path next to the bridge). However neither that nor any other paths let me leave and the other paths tell me I need to go to the orphanage (except the one leading to the mansion which is missing the English translation). Also looking through the walkthrough I recalled another potential problem, during the first half of the fifth act the guide instructs to get an empty jar for a secret ending in the kitchen, however I tried looking at everything in the kitchen and was unable to obtain it.

I don't know if someone else had this problem as well but, if it's okay for the developer, I don't mind betatesting the English vr. (I only did it for the italian one) :3

Blood Opera Crescendo

Ciao Macbeth! Ho giocato a tutti i tuoi giochi, incluso il primo capitolo di Blood Opera Crescendo che ho adorato. Non vedo l'ora di giocarlo quando sarà completo. La parte investigativa e quella dei dialoghi mi ricordano molto l'impostazione di Ace Attorney. Pensavo che sarebbe bello fare una traduzione in italiano del gioco e mi piacerebbe dare una mano. Se ti interessa l'idea fammelo sapere, ti aiuterei volentieri. :)

Scusa se mi metto in mezzo, ma per quanto riguarda la demo esiste già una sua versione italiana :3


Toraware no Shoujo -Bluebird of Happiness-

I'm glad to see a reboot for this game, congrats! I just finished it and I really enjoyed it~
I got the true ending and the mad one, so I was wondering how can I get the other one.

Pocket Mirror

I played Pocket Mirror one year ago, not a huge fan of the endings but overall I liked the game.

Review Pirates

This is a very nice event!


Looks good!