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>Ao Oni
>Forest of the Drizzling Rain
>El Chat Escolar
>El Crítico
>Hand In Hand
>Hello? Hell...o?
>Hope, Abandoned
>Infectious Nightmare
>Lullaby (españa)
>Mad Father
>Mermaid Swamp
>Mikoto Nikki
>Nira Oni
>Not gonna Die
>Oyadori No Ko
>Paranormal Syndrome
>Pitch Black-DEMO-
>Red Book
>Ruki no Zetsubo
>Shuutai Headless (Prisionero sin cabeza)
>The Crooked Man
>The Dark Side of Red Riding Hood
>The Desolate Hospital
>The Sandman

****Unfinished Bussiness/Pendientes de terminar****

>Alice Mare
>Hello Charlotte
>Mogeko Castle

---遊びたい/Want to Play/Quiero jugar----

>Oni Asobi
>Paranormal Syndrome 2
>Re: Kinder
>Red World (Aka no Sekai)

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