I've been playing video games all my life and I've recently become very passionate about the idea of making them. I love that we live in a time where software is accessible enough where a solo developer can make something that rivals what was possible 30 years ago. That's how I look at it anyway, I try and make stuff that would have wowed the super nintendo audience of the 90's.

I'm also humbled by the amount of talent and organizational skills required to make "simple" games, let alone something current gen that we would play today. Making games makes me see everything with a new lens of appreciation that makes me stop mid-game to admire the craftsmanship of the scene.

Anyway, I just think making games is a lot of fun and I'll keep making them as long as they keep making software like RPG Maker.
Vesper Charm
2 Freelance Mercenaries are hired to raid an ancient treasure from a Goblin Dungeon.
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