Dark Design games is a UK based video game design and developer (Jake Jackson) that aspires young minds and alike from entry-level video game design, as basic as 2D right through to high-end and consumer level 3D game design.

We work on games per request and we also make visits to schools, colleges and institutions across the country to help teach all aspects of game design to those intrested, using packages such as Alice, Granny, GameStudio, FPS Creator, AGS and RPG Maker VX.

One of our most popular and successful projects to date is Mystic Quest Remastered, a re-imagined and completely re-developed edition of the 1992 SQUARE release, Final Fantasy Mystic Quest.

Dark design games is a scam artist hoping to bilk naive kids out of money.
Final Fantasy IV - VX
Yet another (faithful) remake of Final Fantasy IV, VX style!