I am the CEO and developer of Memories of a Vagabond. I like RPGs! My favorite old school RPG games are Final Fantasy IV, Chrono Cross. My modern favorite RPG games are Final Fantasy X, Lost Odyssey, Shadow Heats 2: Covenant.



Memories of a Vagabond

Certainly going to try this one. But will wait a week or so to see what bugs are found and what patches come out to fix them. How long is what is offerred here?

I liketheidea you have of being able to change classes.

Hi Roy,
Memories of a Vagabond was recently patched to version 1.1. We've done a lot of QA (testing) on it. I can confirm that the game is very stable. In average, the users are able to beat the game in 6 hours. There are side quests, minigames and also a New Game +. Oh and... there's also a hidden battle arena; it's fun and challenging!

Memories of a Vagabond

Hi Shayoyo, do you like the game so far?
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