All Bears Love Honey

Hey, uhh, just finished the game, and I was wondering how many endings there are exactly? I got ending 1 and I was wondering the exact amounts of honey jars I need to deliver for each ending.

There are 13. 11 of them are simply how many honeys you deliver, while the other 2 are super secret hidden endings.

Uzi's Drugged Adventures: Vengeance with a side of eggs

Land of the free

Awesome game, hope 2 comes soon!

Well I'm planning a second one but I'm not working on it right now. I want to work on my visual novel first. I got like 90 backgrounds to do. Right now I'm just coming up with ideas. If anyone wants to help me come up with ideas we can chat about it on my forum. http://moewars.icyboards.net/

Uzi's Drugged Adventures: Vengeance with a side of eggs

@Shayoko, you said enemies sometimes spawn inside walls. That's not suppose to happen. I must have missed a few squares, I'll fix that right away.

Uzi's Drugged Adventures: Vengeance with a side of eggs

Just finished the game. Time was 3;40 but then again I died, a lot.

Thanks for the info :D I guess around 5 hours in a good estimate. Now you can work on the post gameplay and achievements.


She doesn't look over the age of 32.

1: That's because that's a chibi image.
2: She's a fixer.

Uzi's Drugged Adventures: Vengeance with a side of eggs

I'm stuck at the part where the queen tells you to go rescue the husband from the mountains. how to get to mtns

You can leave from the east of the map. Just follow the dirt road.

Uzi's Drugged Adventures: Vengeance with a side of eggs

You have a 11 MB download and 210 MB download?

I assume the 11 MB download is just the game right? Without the RTP?
Maybe make this your main download. Most people here have the RTP for Ace on RMN.

Because when I looked at the file size it intimidated me.
You make a good point. I changed it to the 11MB one.

Random Character and Battler Sprites.

These are very nice I really like the cave men and tomb guards.

Aria's Story

She looks so cute, I'll have o try this out :D

Uzi's Drugged Adventure LITE

so when you bring the princess to the northern kingdom and it says that the game ends, is that really the end of the game? Because you got the credits and then you can just continue the game

Yea that's sadly the end, wasn't allowed to add much since like I said it was the RPG maker Lite, but I set it like that so you could continue to play if you wanted. There is one guy that will appear after the end that you can talk to. He gives you a little more story info.

Shayoko, about the key

are you kidding me? why is the key to a small town church that was just open no less...at the castle!?
which the key is not in town!?

Response: There was no key to the church, he just wanted you to find a key for him. There are easter eggs in the game that explain what it went to.
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