Dude do you realize how old this game is? You're acting like it was released yesterday. It was one of the author's first games (if not his first), you can't expect it to be perfect from the getgo and you're also not the first to raise such criticisms.

I'm perfectly aware of the date of the first release. I'm also well aware of the fact that the game was patched several times. Unfortunately, it seems dialogue fixes were not a priority for the patches (which may have been focused on more critical bugs, I don't mind).

The reason that I didn't lower the rating of this game via a review is because I didn't feel like bashing an 'old' game from 2009. I'm also not here to expect something to be perfect. I merely expect it to be palatable. Having spelling/grammar errors nearly every other line completely ruins the immersion and professionalism of the rest of the fantastic work.

I've praised the game more than I've criticized it since the music alone is absolutely sublime!
The narrative is well-written and the aesthetics/artwork match the setting very nicely. Every screen feels alive and active (especially during the forest areas) with plenty of NPCs to talk to and houses to explore! The minigames are varied and interesting. The battle system is unique among RM games. :)

The in-game advert/popups that appear during certain puzzles are cringe-worthy. I find it interesting that they remained in the game despite subsequent patching. The forced installation is also something I'd rather not see in future RM games. Part of the beauty of many RM games is that they're able to just 'download and run' without installs.

I've managed to get through up to the part where stuff went to winter before I felt the story kinda resolved and no further reason to keep on going. The 'Aeria' storyline was resolved and the 'Quintessence' storyline was also resolved. *shrug*
After putting in a good 12+ hours into the game with no visible end in sight, I decided to call it. I feel Quintessence makes a fantastic movie at least :)

I'm not here to make demands of anyone, but instead I hope the author can improve their next project to be far superior to this one.

Selicia: In Depths of Pain

Pregnant and tortured? O_O
Your YT videos have such a kind voice...who knew your creativity would be so...dark O_O
I would love to see a demo/download of this when it is playable :)

The premise is fairly unique and one I haven't seen before. It would be interesting to see how things go for the storyline.


If I had to sum up an 'impression' of this game in one sentence, it would be thus:

'Gorgeous aesthetics with a laser-focused narrative and absolutely FANTASTIC music, yet it is unfortunately marred by poor game mechanics and an atrocious disregard for script editing/spell-check.'

I'm not talking about just one error. I'm talking about seeing spelling/grammar errors nearly every other dialogue box! I didn't do a 'review' of the game because I haven't finished it yet, but the lack of spell-check is cause for concern. I'm not expecting a perfect literary masterpiece here (cause English grammar is a pain anyways), however it should at least be enough to have someone with a good grasp of English go through and proofread the dialogue.

There aren't even multiple branching paths or tons of choices to make that would make such an endeavor inherently unappealing or time-consuming to complete.

I can go in and fix everything myself, but the motivation for me to do so without having permission or cause to release the modified/edited version would preclude my involvement in such an endeavor. I'd also be highly tempted to change several other factors, then it would be more of a 'mod' then a simple script fix.

Gonna go ahead and give the author the benefit of the doubt to assume that English is not their primary language and they're learning it. Kudos to em and fantastic work on the game. However, having these glaring issues still present after a few updates is demeaning to the overall quality of the game.

How many people quit the game after the annoying popups ruined their immersion?
How many people quit after encountering the 5th or so spelling/grammar error in a row?
How many people immediately deleted the game after finding out they have to 'install' it instead of just download/extract like 99% of other games on RMN?

Not everyone is patient or understanding. This isn't a 'version 1.0' or beta game.

Forcing people to 'install' the game is a terrible idea. It always has been terrible and always will be completely unnecessary. It isn't even necessary to do this for 3D games, but for RM games it is 100% NOT NEEDED.

Lunar Wish: Orbs of Fate

Riddle me this. Why has this game been front-page featured for so many weeks? Isn't it time to rotate it a bit and give some other hidden gems (Vacant Sky) a chance?

I love good RPGs as much as the next person but giving a monopoly to any one game is a disservice to the entire RMN community!


Any updates for this? I'd rather have the 'complete' version before I start playing!

Dragon Warrior Classic

Just an FYI. There is a Super Famicom (Japanese Super NES) version of Dragon Quest (aka Dragon Warrior) I and II together on one cartridge. It is in Japanese but there are fan-translated patches. If you're comfortable with emulation, then that may be a viable alternative.

I'm not exactly comfortable with a game wholesale copying the work of another game. A reimagining (with different layout/architecture/characters) is fine. A 'fan remake' or 'demake' is fine. This? Not so much.

I hope people give the SFC version a chance.

Vacant Sky Vol. 1: Contention

This is one of the best and most underrated RPGs on the entire RMN network (or even among indie games in general).
I'm putting this game on a pedestal alongside the classics of the 16-bit gems golden age of RPGs. Yes, the story really is THAT good. I haven't been so emotionally invested and MOVED by any story or game in so long. This isn't just a 'game' to me. It is pure art in interactive form.
The opening alone gushes pure orgasmic desire in a professional sheen, worthy of extensive praise. Some of the music tracks by Terranon like 'City of Faith' are so well-done that I find myself humming them even at work!

We might need to wait until VS1 Act III+ is finally 'complete' in a 'Soon(TM)' timeframe to get a rush of 'new' players and to finally give this gem the credit it deserves. I love Alter Aila: Genesis just as much as the next RMN fan, but this gem is CRIMINALLY underrated at the moment. So many half-assed RPGs that I see 'featured' (many of them NOT EVEN COMPLETE) and yet this one is overlooked!? What the hell!?

To consider how so much work, so much polish, so much pure raw love and desire was coalesced into gaming artistry is just...mind blowing.

I admire the work of 'Lets Play' people, but sometimes you need to make your own choices and hands-on interactive experience in order to really appreciate an artistic masterpiece.

Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis

It's a damn shame that Variant wasn't made...

Parts of Variant were made (and the story was conceptualized at least partially, possibly moreso) but the project was halted due to excessive morons yelling at the dev and making demands on how he should make the game.

Sometimes a game dev needs to 'filter' feedback somewhat so they aren't driven to madness by the trolls.

On that note:
It wasn't mentioned in the RED CAPITAL LETTERS on the main page, but if you make any edits or even open the game up in the RPG Maker 2k3 editor program, then the game will have some map freezing issues on the world map. Specifically for me, saving the game on the world map and then later loading it from that point would have my cursor 'frozen' with the map options window open.

The trick to fixing this is simple. You only need to do this if you've opened up the game in the editor at any point.
-Open up the game in RPG Maker 2K3
-Press F8 to enter 'Database' mode. Or go to Tools Menu, then Database.
-Click 'Common Event' tab.
-Scroll down to Common Event #425: Remove Save Freeze
-At the end there will be a line that says
Switch Operation 0441-0460 OFF
Switch Operation 0460 ON

Get rid of the line that has 0460 ON.
Once that is done, hit OK and close the project, then you won't have any more save/load freezes (hopefully). This worked for me :)
I hope the author can upload this 'fixed' version for people to easily use. :)

It is possible if you're loading a save game that is 'frozen' even after this 'fix' so you may need to do a 'Test Play' in RPG Maker 2k3, then hit F9 to open the debug menu and flip switch #113 to OFF. That'll unfreeze your cursor and let you do stuff. Switch #112 only controls the World Map Options menu and doesn't need to be turned off if you don't want to do so.

Alter A.I.L.A.

I'd ask anyone considering playing this to just play the remake. You won't miss out on much of anything. The remake 'Alter Aila Genesis' is a much better creation than the one here.

Alter A.I.L.A.

So here we go....
I played this game and have finally 'completed' it.
Unlike most games:
-I don't feel sadness (from the awesome game being over).
-I don't feel apathy (where I didn't care about anything).
-I didn't feel anger (for a half-assed 'to be continued' ending).

I feel..tedium; I am merely weary and finally glad that it is just...OVER.
I'm happy this game was remade, because seeing all the near-universal praise for this game makes me think that either this was the first halfway-decent RPG Maker game to be ever released back in 2010, or there wasn't enough honesty in the reviews, or people's standards were just that low.

Let me be blunt, this game isn't as good as the hype surrounding it. A few changes could've been made to unify the storylines together (which has been done in AA:Genesis).

Forcing the player to go through the game FOUR times, then having to REPEAT the last area again because of a false ending...that was a gut-punch and completely unnecessary to do that. I was seconds away from just deleting the entire fucking thing until I read up on the 'true' ending and stuff if you talked to X party member.

AA:G is an exercise in tedium. No more or less. The insanely ridiculous random encounter rate (with the same few shadow enemies) during the final 'dungeon' reminds me of the worst of Dragon Quest games and the outdated tedious tropes of bad RPGs in general. The story kept me going, nothing more or less.

Rebel ending was awesome but confusing, Imperial ending was terrible and I wish I never had to play it at all, Independents were cool but a bit boring compared to the Rebels. The final 4th path was the only worthwhile one, but the final dungeon puzzles were a bit too much. Someone went a bit puzzle-crazy with obscure trial-and-error gameplay that doesn't lend itself well to such a long dungeon.
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