Sure, I give you some stars and next you'll be asking for Jupiter and Mars. I won't be fooled!

Well then. Lets settle for stars and Pluto how about that? =P

Progress and Announcement^^


Looks amazing! The only thing i want to add is, that there should be a black screen or another indicator that he fell asleep... at least if he didn't refer to sleeping before. I am not entirely sure from this clip if he slept because of the elven magic or if he meant the little "nap" he had before.
Anyways very nice. Have a good one.
I will keep sitting on the discord to see how this turns out.

Have a good day.



Huh neat. That makes me think like the roads being enchanted to help avoid normal monsters.... looks neat though. Though I am not sure if i should read too much into it, except design choice, but here are the thoughts i immediately had after reading this.

Maybe roads are enchanted per special crystals or whatever that helps repell monsters. Maybe there are portable ones that get rid of monster attacks for X steps? There might be "fake" roads that people made as deathtraps for adventurers, aka bandits being bandits. Maybe with them having an off and on "switch". And so on and forth. Maybe those "switches" are war targets to disrupt deliveries, etc, etc. Could also explain why cities are safe, guards, enchantments, etc.

Well do have a nice day. I am certainly going to look here now and then.

End of Year Update

Interesting. Multiple endings....
Well anyways I wish you good luck to finish that as well. It will probably be a very interesting game you are putting together there.

Happy new year. Or should I say may your quest for world domination or eradication find fruit? I am honestly not sure if that is a good idea...

This Is Not My Final Form

I wouldn't be surprised if This is Not My Final Form ends up feeling pretty similar to DS in a lot of ways, because I can't help but gravitate towards the same sorts of themes in my work.
That's great news. :)

Dhux's Scar i assume is what they mean. Another game from Erilex, which is pretty good.


Does that mean it won't take long anymore? :D
HMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmm I wonder about that (it's probably going to be a while still)

Also since you did not answer before I forget and add it as an edit again:
Will it be available on steam? Or where will it be available?

Ideally it will be on steam too, but so far the only thing I can guarantee 100% is that it will be available on itch.io

Heh. Can't wait. But i have to it seems. I hope it turns out to be on steam too, will make getting it easier for me. (Don't have access to online payment, except steam due to steamgiftcards buying. Yes 24 years old without such access. Not getting into that more than that lmao)

But from what i have seen and heard steam sells more then itch.io (even if steam takes a honestly too big a cut and if i remember right needs you to pay some money upfront to sell it. 100$ i think?) so even if you can only sell it initially on itch.io maybe branch out to steam later. (I will try to get it on itch if its only there obviously this game is something i really want after all lol) but yeah, i hope its successfull the niche you are trying to cater too needs more games. ;)

Apart from that discussion:
Something i didnt notice before, maybe even imagine, it looks like there is some white type of small "aura" around the melee fighters. Like you copied it from a white background and a part is still leftover. It somehow looks interesting though.

Have a good day.


I like how the "main" "sword" hero wears sneakers and the boots of the mage girl. This looks ridicolous and somehow fitting.

But the form of Agdistis looks amazing. Though tbh i like the throne one we saw before more. But hey thats how i feel about it.

Does that mean it won't take long anymore? :D

Have a nice day.

Also since you did not answer before I forget and add it as an edit again:
Will it be available on steam? Or where will it be available?


Tbh i didnt expect such a city. Looks still pretty cool but I liked the tower much more. But hey its still pretty good.

Old man... why do i have the feeling he is the final boss or god? lol

How is it coming along btw?

Have a good day.

Edit: Also will this be available on steam? Do you know that already?

Loveless Special Edition Demo

Didn't expect that new 2,4gb+ demo to be this short, I mean 30-45 minutes for a 2,4gb+ download is quite little... but i can see why it is so big.

The 3d look isn't bad... if we had a way to rotate the camera. (I can't i tried every key on my keyboard and it is a pain when exiting buildings because you dont see where the damn door is.)

Balance wise, it was hard, and the changing input commands ruined it a bit for me. I don't like it in general, but i can deal with it if the commands stay the same. But the ever changing command means i have to switch from my exploring mindset to the fighting mindset/handposition. (I have a german keyboard meaning y is near x and z is all the way up there.) I still managed to hit almost every attack fully and the endboss this void lord thing was pretty dang easy if you use your abilities. (Thank all the evils in the world that the stat down moves dont require a key input.) But for guys that aren't used to that or are slower to hit the keys i can see this being a problem since it kind of feels like you balanced it for hitting every key. Except the "endboss". Honestly the random encounters with 3 foes at once were more challenging than the endboss. Probably cause i only had 2 party members at that point and because they kept targeting the dear jester.

Good that i explored and got myself some herbs from the "hidden" stash (It was hidden since the camera didnt show much... exploring here really felt like a chore even if it was only like half an hour long because of the bad camera rotation.)

Animations wise.... they are pretty good from what little I saw.

Apart from that it seems like a very solid prolog that i would like to play again if something is done about the camera, because i can see myself being pissed off at it being unable to rotate when exploring.

Have a good day.

Dragon Quest DX

Well I'm trying to keep to the original as best I can, just with added stuff. Spells already do a lot of damage in the original since enemies don't have any magic damage resistance except for a few. That and I don't want magic to outshine the top tier weapons.

So basically you mean: Magic should not trump a weapon?

This is wrong for me on so many levels.

You can use weapons as often as you want, while spells, cost a ressource that is hard to replenish until late game in DQ. That is just wrong. Well i can live with that to a degree, but i think that is fundamentally flawed.

Also you said "....plan to add in items to buff magic damage." which would imply weapons as well. So the staffs shouldn't have a chance to be as useful as melee weaponry? Thats just fundamentally wrong. They shouldn't be as strong in melee yes, but they should be useful for making magic stronger then a sword. Why? Because magic is using a precious ressource that is often hard to recover in DQ. That is my main gripe with the series to begin with...

Well i will still try this still, i just think that way of thinking is completly wrong.

Have a nice day!

Edit: One spelling mistake i just noticed.