Insert let me in meme

But seriously it looks fantastic.... i can't goddamn wait. Stop making me wait. I had hopes for 2023! xD

Anyways wish you a good day.


I bet the woman is evil. 99,99% Chance. Will take my odds. So on a crusade we go! Dimitri Style :D

Have a good one.

3 Testers Needed Final Round QA

Hey there Ljink!

Congratz on coming this far. :D

I am mightily tempted to take up the cypress stick... Well more like a fireball.

Have a good one.



... I will be honest and say that is kinda amazing.
Lets pray Kotori dies first so the protags fight each other to the death in a sparring match so our Job is easier :D

Still working forward to this.

Have a good one.



I can see agdistis pulling the "BUT I AM YOUR GOD" card now...

have a good one.

This Is Not My Final Form


How is it coming along? :D
I am still looking forward to this as i have since day one. ;) Which has been... wait four and a half years now? :( Oh well good things need time and killing heroes does as well. Or getting killed by them after being wailed on for an hour.. lol Would be rather amusing if that would happen xD

Have a good day.

We back!


ITS BACK?! Alright this is one of the few games i am actually looking forward to. And probably the only hero orientated one.....

Have a good one!

Gahaha how to make a day better.

False Skies

Heyho Fee_Nicks

Sadly for me it worked... but i have a level 155 havenmaker now so my solo run actually seems possible now =P

Also found sage and heavy gunner already. Moaaar classes. Which i can't change too yet. :( Are those the ones replacing generalist later?

If yes i want them ALL xD Probably

Have a good one.

False Skies

Hello Fee Nicks!

I think I broke the game. Totally.

Here is a pic just to demonstrate. :D

Have a good one. (And yes i level up each fight apparently. Started doing this level 99)

False Skies

Good to know.

A lil feedback.. putting all regen as the evolution of regen is kinda bad as its weaker. :/

Probably will be the same for al panacea... damn

Well thats it for now.

Also I like the garm currency thing. :D

have a good one

Ah shit these two units in the tower of babel... they are way beyond my level 92 ass. :/

Guess i won't be able to complete my solo run at this rate. damn

The problem is that they can deal more than 50% of my health in a single turn. Which means I simply die. (With max fere)

Edit2: Pure and utter stupid luck of them not using the right moves, amplify (probably helping) and a few more stupid factors got me past this. I am going back to save this cause i can't call this anything but luck xD
I tried like 8 times before and got my ass handed too me. Not now. xD

Edit3: That Girtabiliu... it was weak compared to the air units. You could at least predict it.... oh nvm it has a def down move and just didnt use it until the end. Oh good gracious