It Moves

not actually scary . but disturbing . i always waiting for that thing to convey what he/she want . friend or foe . when the baby monster surround protagonist in both side i tried to attack them several times . and somehow i think the world of monster/nightmare? was quite unique and have different kind of beauty

Broken Reality - Version 14

the game was so fun ,so interesting and full of wonder yet have so many error. and i get stuck in room(snake lair floor 5) , teleported to another floor(when try to open big door in desert town) ) or stuck in dialogue option(troll cave) . but i truly wish the completion of the game ^^ . sorry with bad english


Pocket Mirror

script 'cache' line 106: RGSSError occured. failed to create bitmap .got error after ride the boat . i cant enter the next map. what should i do? .and is there any sequel?

Umbral Soul

cleared the game today . waiting for sequel now . pretty sad the game dont have new game+ feature or after story . the story was quite good and i think the game can be commercialized in steam

Umbral Soul

yup, i enjoy the game ^^ .but somehow i can't switch/change my summon monster at all . must be because lanith was damn sexy .somehow i got charmed by succubus in the game rfol. lanith 4ever!

Umbral Soul

love the game and enjoy the grinding . already in abandoned fortress now . but......i am not liking the charater at all -_- ,everyone just a delusional who need looking at the mirror . speaking like a victim while all they did was just narcissistic who only love herself/himself , while they trample the true wishes of all of they loved one who already died . sorry with bad english .
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