Umbral Soul

i taught your fixed all the bugs already ad i nocie a anther bug wheelin rehart world i can use portal abyss and get gringer since i do the quest after i do recrut ginger quest

in seren quest can you had ubgrate shop or ,music box extra and a return preview toens systeam like abyss portal

Umbral Soul

it mos be hard foryou wheel to create 16 party member comare to the sequel itfour main member plus mabe few guest member how fair are i you team project


you have obsession on kraken dude one per game on bria saga xd

Phantasia VX

do you plan a demo p1 vx

Meta Revelations: Ring Spirits

i cant opeen the game i click on thi icon noting hapen and i dont have steam

Umbral Soul

Hey there! First off, I would like to say I really LOVE your game! The pacing, the plot, the character development are absolutely fantastic, and I like that we are playing from the perspective of villains, which is quite interesting! I've been playing a lot of rpg maker games recently and I was growing quite bored until I played yours! Great job :))

Alright, truth be told, I created this account not just to praise your game on how exemplary it is, but also to report a bug as well that happens near the end of the game. I was so close to completing the game but I couldn't find ways to get rid of the bug :(

So in the part where you are in the battle capital, you are supposed to go both east and west to get rid of the sisters that have placed a light barrier over the entrance to the castle. But its the west part I am having problems with, when I reached the top of the tower and enter, the screen just remained black for a long time! I'm sure there was supposed to be a cutscene playing but it didnt play at all. And the only thing you could do was bring up the menu, and use the Abyssal Portal. That seem to trigger another bug-even though Damien is not in my party, I could see him on the menu screen in my party. It's like it stuck there and I can't get rid of it. and yeah that's all the bugs I could find in the game, I hope you have a solution to this because I really want to complete the game :(

Vexion i like your help but the creator correct at least amost evry grafic bugs even i dont post bugs because i have felling it correct them all amost (as for pandora side)

Umbral Soul

it true if is your firth rpg maker games it greats. wheel you shoud ad skit system in seren side and mabe a music box extra woud be grear it a shame there no new images or review of your game mabe a tv troope page will be funny to make i launch the idea

the seren side need to be harder then pandy i think for fit with stendare of rpg difficulti mabe a boss seren alone vs all acolyth and sumon as extra boss

Phantasia VX

im curious about this game to the firth remake was lots bugs like when the characther walk on full speed like in p5

what done are you in p6 production for p6 are you in bad end path or morenear in good path maps

Skydancer - Completely Custom JRPG ENG

i have same problem with the download MediaFire

Skydancer - Completely Custom JRPG ENG

yo uran your game sem great but there very hard because iteams need lot money and there lot aspect of game you need to learn about fights and that need tooo lots grind it a great game like a anher italian game theia crimson eclipse but your game is to hard to me