Phantasia VX

great cove but i like more thesprite of p6 that make me ask why you putl od sprite style fory tour remake instead anyme like sprite of p6 for p6 where are you in devlopment xd you give no yubtate steam or other platform are you die

Umbral Soul

04/06/2020 10:13 PM
Don't mind me I'm just here for a 10th replay a 2 years later.

10 replay i done 83 and each time i noti arielle have space in skill list for one kill you coud ad same gringer cause that empty n the skill menu coud put full art character in menu and mabe ad a otion to replay past scenes likea book of memori ou can saw all art for enemi player hear music or hear all song after game complete like in tales of grace

Umbral Soul

hello i notice a bug at castle if you get sanson at marcus quest act when youget him at nex quest he lodt his level plus in story why you put action to rase pandora stat ike the visit in her town only to drop in the end of game and where can i star gringer side quest and azzriel side quest after vampire

Arcanion: Tale of Magi

col demo but i cant usemenu xd


in the demo i cant open menu with y

Umbral Soul

i notice some sumon are ussless in the arena like demon maid and poison monster in he lake do you plan ad more iteam who do auto lrvel un and i think in final zone of the game the moob are too easy and the skill instic of marcus ( saw hp) is usless we aready have sift button

last ting do you plan put a gude on doc document fore who wish saw all new contnent

Final Fantasy VII Jenova Crisis

it sem be a great game but where genesis characther game from im only done ff7 so some expect with vincent story im lost too ps i dont do all side quest just ff7 main game

Phantasia VX

ok i play all saga to do a remake again i dont know your logic man
p2 need more remake ps where you gona put dark path of p6

Umbral Soul

i have question did you correct the fact we can teleport in reart tower and how fair are you with beta testing for wallktrou end demo of seren side

Umbral Soul

i found a bug in the capital sometime a switch party member to saw different scenes link to party vs odin anda walktrouth boss map when i sitch marcus with azzriele and dmien 3 time and it raiing in abyss castle with teleport