Rm2k3 mp3 Looping

Rght so I'm trying to loop an mp3 track in 2k3 which loops seamlessly in Audacity and in 2k3 when it's in WAV format, however when in mp3 there's a tiny bit of silence at the loop point which sorta ruins it. I could use the WAV, but the file's 12mb for about a minute's worth of music. Hardly the most efficient method. Anyone else get mp3 looping working alright, and if so how?

Event Problem

Right so I'm still working on my accessory leveling system (not too far from finished now) but I've run into a slight problem.

The event below increments an accessory's level by 1 when it's experience meets or passes the desired experience 'barrier' integer (specified in variable 0043). Another parallel process event checks what the accessory's level is and assigns event 0043 the appropriate experience 'barrier' for that particular level.

This works going from level 1 to level 2, but for some reason doesn't work going from level 3 to 4 onwards. The barrier doesn't reset and I can't figure out why.

0034: Holds the level for a particular accessory (in this case the 'fire' one)
0025: Holds the experience for the currently equipped accessory.
0043: Holds the amount of EXP required to advance a level.

Sorry if that's a pretty rubbish explanation, trying to get my head around the thing often proves difficult.

Tiles on the upper tile layer not showing up (2k3)

This happens on only one of my maps, the rest are fine. The chips show up in the editor but don't in play mode. No idea why it's happening.

EDIT - cancel that - stupid mistake :(

Lightmap problem

OK so I've got my lightmap positioned and set to scroll with map so it stays in the same place, but when in game and the map starts scrolling it doesn't stay put. How can I get it to stay in the same place all the time?

Increasing 2k3's picture limit

Is there a patch for rm2k3 (1.08) that increases the picture limit from 50? I looked through the 'master rpg maker' topic, but there's nothing like this that would work for 1.08 version.
All I've found is the David/Goliath patches that increase to 120 but they completely butcher the 'M.Groups' database view.

Also if anyone's got the Play Edit patch by the same guy that allows you to edit while playing it'd be much appreciated. All the download links I can find are dead.

Accessory Levelling System

Right, I'm trying to make a system whereby accessories get experience points and level up the more you use them. Upon levelling up they can learn new attacks and all that jazz.
How do you think would be the best way to implement this?

EDIT: Just realised that's probably a bit vague.

Basically each accessory grants the character certain related abilities (Water gives water based attacks, speed giving quick attacks .etc) and the more use each accessory gets (this could maybe be calculated by the number of enemies defeated by attacks from a particular accessory) it'll earn experience and level up in accordance with how much it is used. The idea being that the player chooses whether they want to 'specialise' in a certain class of accessory and only use one or two, which they can level up quickly, but be limited in the type of attacks they can perform, or use lots of different accessories and have a wide variety of attacks, but it'll take them longer to be able to gain the more powerful ones for each accessory.

Calculator RPGs

Just found this nice article about RPGs made for the TI-83 graphical calculator. Some of them look surprisingly good.

Request: Dystopic future city chipsets

So I've started mapping my city, but so far I've been using the ABL future chipsets (which aren't exactly the best) because I can't find any decent ones. Anyone have anything nice?

CMS Slowdown

So I'm implementing my CMS, but, even though I've only got 3 pictures displaying simultaneously (out of the 25 or so the menu consists of) I'm getting loads of slowdown running it as a parallel process - it crashes completely if I set it to autostart. I'm guessing the reason is because each image is 320x240 as I exported it layer by layer. I don't suppose any of you know a nice, quick and easy way to set the canvas to the smallest size possible for each element without cropping any of it?

Breaking down numbers

Right so I'm trying to make my CMS and one aspect of it is showing the character's current HP with an image representing each digit. To do this obviously I've got to break down the HP value into hundreds, tens and units and store each in a variable. How do I go about doing this? It's probably very simple but I suck at maths to put it bluntly.
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