hiding post history?

i've been wondering if there's a way we could hide our post records so that the entire world can't see? i have a feeling someone's going through my history that i don't really feel comfortable with so it would be a nice implementation (dunno if that's a word) if possible.

Booble's art stuff

Okay, i was going to let my art topic die, but i did a picture im quite proud of so i decided to make a new, less festive topic :)

Merry Christmas

I got a tablet the other day, and thought i'd test it out :)
Yep, i finally learnt how to use photoshop.
Have a jolly good one :D

Ahhhhhhh so many choices :'( (laptop decision)

Hey guys, i've been sat here for about 4 hours researching different kinds of laptops, and all that's happened is my brain has managed to get even more confused than normal and i'm now tired.

One laptop did seem to get a lot of good reviews, the macbook pro, but i don't know how much i like macs, we had them in the art department and they seemed very confusing(though tbh i couldnt get past the single clicking mouse). I'm sure i'd get used to it though, if it's worth it.
I was wondering if any of you had brilliant laptops you wanted to recommend? Anyone with a macbook pro? I'm just looking for an all-rounder, but itd be good if i could use photoshop and play games on it(with a decent speed).

Please don't tell me to use google, or i'll cry. Thanks in advance! :D

Also! What's with all the notebooks? I can't seem to find a normal laptop in this day and age.

Shopping? Hahahaha, dont be silly. I'm no money tree.

I really don't know if this is a crazy spur of the moment thing or what(it's quite late at night actually, and i seem to be permanently under the influence this holiday), but I've got a pretty big pile of games next to me that i'm planning to sell tommorow. Probly won't even be worth anything, they're all about a million years old. They're decent games though. Sniff.
I've decided only to keep my essentials. I don't even want to count how many that is because it'll just be depressing. About 4 maybe.

It really sucks being a student. Of my stature at least.
I really have to scrape up any money I can get. I'm not saying i'm money crazy or anything, but i'm one of those people you see picking up 10p pieces from the floor looking delighted with themselves.
I've been looking really hard for a job as well, but nowhere wants me(i must be overqualified hahaha)

I'm sure you guys can relate to me. I just feel down right now. Make me feel better and tell me at least some of you are in the same boat?
I don't want to sell any of my games, but there's no other way. ..and don't be the funny guy who mentions prostitution.


Okay so here's the thing, it's summer, it's boring, I have to find something to do with myself or i start to go a bit crazy, so I decided to take up jogging.

Now the most exercise i usually get in a day is either going up my stairs or walking to the park, and the thought of jogging has never occured to me before, as i always thought i would get embarassed running in front of people, especially anyone i know.
In fact, I was going to start going to the gym, but i started dialling the phone for the induction day and got really worried that people i know might go to my gym and then i panicked, hung up, and decided jogging would be the lesser embarrasing way to try and get a bit healthier.
So my first jog today(yes im very unfit), and i found it surprisingly fun(until i got all sweaty and self-concious of the fact that i probably stunk, so i made sure to cross the street whenever i saw anyone coming).

Now my thoughts on this are, what kind of hobbies do you guys have(other than gaming), do you ever do anything radical(..i use the word radical very loosely) when you're bored, and would you feel uncomfortable exercising for the world to see?

bonjour, mon ami

Hey all! Ermm, I'm kind of like a fake new to the network - I joined ages ago, but my internet crashed for a while on me, and because i'm a lazy bum it wasn't fixed for a good 2 months, and by then i'd forgotten i was even part of the community. However, one fateful day i got bored and my love of rpg's was rekindled and i remembered about this place!
I've just been lurking around playing the rmgames for a while, but i reckon it's about time I started actually posting heheh..
So hello =)

Photoshop? Pah, who needs it? ..not that i can't use it or anything *cough*

Soo, I thought I'd post in a watercolour I did about 8 months back(watercolour ftw), it's pretty old actually, I've improved since(not to sound up my own arse), but im holding out for a scanner before putting anything else online. I'd just finished playing xenogears. It's no character in particular, but i'm feeling the style.

Yeah the qualities pretty poor, I don't own a scanner as i ended up spending the money on tesco value chocolate, so i get by with my camera heheh.
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