My paint artwork

Please rate and tell me what you think of my latest artwork. Chow.

Count to 1000

Lots of forums have this great forum game. Let's begin :D


A few problems

Hello i have been browsing around the site and have noticed quite a few errors. First when i try to change my timezone i keep getting an error not letting me to change it, secondly whenever i click on the reviews tab in my profile i get an internal server message and lastly upon going to the "About Us" page i notice it just says "were a bunch of cool dudes". This doesn't look good to visitors, why don't you describe how this site was founded, who founded it and what it's about.

These are just a few thoughts of mine and i hope you take them into consideration.


Hello i'm new here. My real name is August Bigx and i have a wide interest in rpg gaming. In my profession i am a 26 year old restaurant manager and in my free time i enjoy watching New Tricks and Inspector Rex.

That's about all i want to say.
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