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Mafia Championship 2021 - invitation

Just dropped by to add another vote for cap. I think a lot of us on rmn play mafia on a more casual level. I know that's probably one big reason I'm not good at it. I don't really play it anywhere else.

Good luck out there and represent us well.

Umbral Soul

Looks like I haven't commented since...2017? I think it's time I throw out another one. I'll probably hold off for the update before I do another playthrough, but I have been keeping tabs on this. As someone who did a bunch of testing back then, perhaps I'll be the one to find the next generation of thiers. I doubt there will be too many bugs for me to find at this point, but new updates leave room for unexplored territory.

This game has a way of blowing most other games sidequests out of the water, and then blowing them into space before they can retreat back to the water.

Good luck with finishing the updates!

Reliquia (The Prototype)

Edit: Remembered some bug details.

I went ahead and gave this a shot since I enjoyed theia so much. The writing is good for what's there. The gameplay didn't give me any kind of trouble though. 0 losses and maybe a character ko'd maybe 3 times total throughout the whole game, and this is with the hidden boss killed. Also found some minor bugs. None of em hurt anything though.

1. Whenever you pick up a rune shard, it will sometimes leave collision behind. Not a big deal and doesn't always happen. It might be the one in the bottom right outside of the main entrance of the ancient runes (bottom right of locked door). That's the one that sticks out the most in my memory.

2. There is a passability error just outside the lightning runes. It's one of the walls.

3. There is a passability error inside the lightning runes. It's a wall near the bottom right torch (the torches that light automatically when you light a different torch).

4. In the lightning place, the ground doesn't light up to show a random encounter on top of the jump rune spot. Not a big deal but it did get me once because I thought it was safe. Ended up having to kill the tanky mob instead.

5. Kaba's helm drains your hp on the overworld, but I'm not sure what the point of that is when you start battles at full hp anyways. Even if it actually did drain my hp, I had a plan to just unequip it and then reequip it right before battles since they aren't random.

6. Burn status being disrupted by attacks makes inflicting burn on enemies kind of pointless. Not sure if this was intended.

Next I'll give my thoughts. I'm not going to comment on the writing because there wasn't all that much of it. Only so much you can do with a time contraint game and I thought what was there was fine. I could question things from a logic standpoint, but for a game focused on gameplay I think it's better to enjoy what writing is there.

The end game dungeon weapons are way better than anything else I got. Gunmetal rose in particular hits all enemies with high damage and barely misses despite claiming low accuracy.

Memento's are a bit weird. I don't particularly like the resist ones much because I have no way to really know what I'll be fighting against. I found the stat buff one's really good though. Kaba's helm pairs nicely with vagrants end game weapon ability in particular. Hunter had tristans boots (swapped to azaros memories after my boss win). Sorceress had cideris's gloves and the lich staff. Death touch is op and my main source of locking down the damage on the hidden boss.

Runes I felt like only the third one really help. The rest were just there as a bonus. Vagrant crit, hunter aggro, and sorc all stats are what I went with.

I found the strat was to pick two good skills, ignore the third and invest in healing items. I didn't even grind and I still ended up with quite a bit.

Vagrant: Learned slashing step (very first thing I learned because aoe op) and second wind. Honestly I think I used second wind a single time for the heal. The buff in his other stance didn't feel worth the turn with the sp drain going and him having a buff for the very first turn of it anyways. I think I probably wouldn't of used his last stance. I didn't really ever need less aggro with hunter protecting me when low, and I wouldn't have wasted turns trying to counter when there was no guarantee he'd get it off when I could be attacking in shaytan form.

Hunter: I never infused his bullets. There was no good way to know elemental weaknesses or even how much they'd help. I'd much rather be using fan the hammer, devotion, or protection. Gunmetal rose replaced fan the hammer for me in the late game. I'd still use shot against single targets though.

Sorceress: Avoided the aggro skill because hunter still kept me alive just fine. Her concept is pretty cool although I think staying in her light form is the strat for an emergency aoe heal. I found her lunar forms heal not as useful because I could just do that, and having her already low max hp drain wasn't ideal. I can kind of see it with hunters protection skill though. In the end game she spammed death touch for me because that debuff is a major help.

Overall I think the gameplay was the most interesting aspect of the game. I liked the form shifting and some of the skills. There was never any reason for me to attack, and I only ever saw a point to guarding if the enemy announced a powerful attack coming.

I think it was a pretty good game overall, especially so since it had a deadline.

Theia - The Crimson Eclipse

Been awhile since I've played an rmn game, especially one this well made. Figured I'd leave my thoughts here. I fully S ranked the game, although it would of been nice if I could select an area and it told me how many chests/gaia shards were left. Could be something for your next project. Anyways, I'll start with the bugs. I didn't try to actively test as I just wanted to enjoy the game, but I still ran into a couple.

1. I've no idea how to replicate this but I broke the battle system once. It thought a character had a turn when their atb bar wasn't full. It could of been a multitude of things between as simple as me trying to choose who I wanted to go first (I think it happened at the early stage of a battle), or an enemy action could have done it. Probably not worth tracking down and I had a recent save when it happened, but I figured I'd note it regardless.

2. If you press shift while talking to the alchemist you can glitch the menu. It sort of backs out while having the menu cover up your screen. Fixable by talking to her again. I initially found this because I was wondering if I could press shift to get like a description of her items (particularly in the unique section) so that I knew what I was buying. Would of been nice to have that in the arena as well, although after using the save/reload trick to check them all, I have no idea why you'd buy anything that isn't the epic garb. It's just way too op and made me skip the character uniques.

Anyways on to my thoughts. I'll toss this section in spoiler tags. so that I can go into more depth. It got wordier than intended so be ready for that. Some of it's probably me nitpicking a bit though.

The writing was really well done. Having read the e-books as well as the action figures, I can tell this game received a major overhaul that was well worth the effort. I'd say it's even better written than some commercial games as there were some things I didn't even predict. I'd say the major one was the twist with grant. There were multiple things that made me not suspect him. First is his personality at the time which showed no hint of a dark side. Secondly is the fact he was playable in a section (not commonly done), and finally because of the ladermis section (I probably spelt that wrong). Because of the red glow I thought it was the oricalcon influencing the prince. I think the fact that you kept the twists well hidden, as well as not being afraid to wound/kill off characters worked in your favor here too.

Characters: Again well written so not much to say on that front. I've seen some comments on the balancing in the comments so I wanted to touch on that a bit. I think in some ways they work fine, as they each only cover certain enemy weaknesses, and during the party splits this wasn't a problem. The ferion/nimrod section comes to mind against the golem type enemy. I generally find ferion to be really weak again bosses, but antitank does make him useful in the event that you are fighting a golem. I generally thought most characters were fine for their sections of the game, but sort of fell off in the final chapter where it made sense to just pick some of the stronger characters that can cover most things. I think one reason this happened is due to the sheer amount of playable characters. I enjoyed having them, but it's also hard to balance that many characters around end game. One thing I do want to add is I kind of wish the mage type characters basic attack did damage based off their spirit instead of their strength. The game tossed out tons of sp items even on hard mode so it wasn't that much of an issue, but I think it would of helped dale some as she had 0 offense capabilities. Truly op healer though with aoe heal and a medidate option so this is probably more of a nitpick than anything. Not even sure if it's possible in 2k3. It mostly bugged me in random encounters where I didn't need healing.

Gameplay: I went more in depth than I intended in the character section. I enjoyed the battle system as well as the weapon/gear system. One thing I disliked is the jamming sections though. Not so much the intended purpose as the fact that I had to remember what I had to equip after the section ended. I'm not sure how hard it would of been to equip the last thing that was equipped after the section ended. There were times I even forgot to re-equip my stuff. My other nitpick here is the fact borghetti didn't sell any type of normal armor that isn't related to weapon slots. I had my seth setup a certain way and his equipped weapon didn't have a defensive slot. I was having a little trouble with the 1 on 1 duel with horus and the only way to get any type of lightning resistance was to change my weapon since borghetti didn't have an armor section. I was too stubborn to change my weapon so I equipped him with an octopus for the slow resistance and won that way. At the level I fought horus my self heal at max level healed around 800 I think, whereas horus's lightning move did around 1080 I think. I also really liked the camp feature, but I felt like I didn't really get a new camp section that often. Would of been a nice touch to let the other party groups set up a camp too I think. One other thing that would of been nice is if npcs got updated every so often (maybe once a chapter if you can revisit a town you've been too. I'm the type that likes to explore and checks for that sort of touch. Rip that poor guard who is still on his first day in the castle even though it's the final chapter.

Endings: Gameplay section got wordy so I'll talk about these here. The portion leading up to the ending was impressively made. I have no idea how you scripted all of that in 2k3 but I enjoyed it. Too bad it wasn't an actual battle with seth in that form, but I can live with that because that section was great. I really like that you added npcs I could use to switch endings, as I probably would not have replayed huge sections of the game right away to get those. I do think this made it more obvious that the martia/natia endings where you choose to be the vassal are basically the same dialog wise which was a little unfortunately. The different backgrounds were nice though. Also not sure how I felt about the natia ending where seth just ditches everybody. The martia one was fine as it felt like he was trying to make amends, but in the natia one where he straight up disappears from everyones lives and doesn't really seem to be doing anything but wandering...that felt a little bit uncharacteristic of him to me. I'd almost preferred another not-vessel clone ending I think. I'll touch on the 99 shard ending here too. Having a demo for a possible sequel was interesting, but the way it played was a bit weird. Using the hamster didn't really feel that obvious to me, and the first puzzle section with the spikes felt like rng to me. I didn't get the same spike rotation every single time, and sometimes the spikes would stay up too long and make it actually not possible to beat the timer. I did like most of the section, but the gameplay just didn't feel very fleshed out to me.

Music/assets: Not much to say here. You chose from a good selection of games. I know custom is really hard to do (I'm no artist myself) so I think that route was fine. I enjoyed the music selection.

Minigames: Most of these were fine. I one shot all the required minigames. I could not beat the drinking game though. I've never been great with button spamming on a keyboard, but I may of been able to manage it with a controller. In the end I didn't bother after I googled the reward.

There aren't many rmn games that I rate highly, but I'd say this is up there as one of my favorites now. Not to give the wrong impression here as I do think most of the smaller games are fine and are decently made, but those don't give me the same feeling as a well made game with a good length to it.

Sheriff Mafia (GAME OVER)

Cave is the real villain in this story. I was a mere trapper trying to avenge my partner while ridding the land of wild gunmen who might shoot up the town for no reason. Cave stabbed my partner with his blade, and then turned his gaze toward the innocent cowboys living on the land.

Sheriff Mafia (GAME OVER)

I probably should have just not posted before I left for work. I only had enough time to skim the posts, and I figured since psy was the other person I had been after all game the switch would be fine.

Sheriff Mafia (GAME OVER)

Rip. Just got home. I came in as a one team while mostly busy during the day so that affected my playing a bit I think. It's also hard to think of a dummied down role. I should of put more thought into the ranger claim. My other thought was a 1 shot information role but I felt like that would have came off suspicious after going after psy for so long.

I actually did consider killing gourd since I could kill him all at once with my power too. The reason I didn't is because he wasn't a factor at all in me winning the game, and I felt like it was a better idea to reduce the player base as much as possible. Also, if I had lived tonight, I would have not killed anyone. Prob wouldnt of made a difference since I chose a poor claim though.

Sheriff Mafia (GAME OVER)

Quick post before I leave for work. I won't be back until tonight.

Psy's point is exactly why I think scum would not target gourd. Gourd does not count as town in player count conditions, What you just proposed (town, scum, gourd), doesn't scum win in that condition precisely because of the gourd not counting thing? I feel like that's a point scum would defend and you've been defending it all game.

#lynch Psy

Sheriff Mafia (GAME OVER)

I'm a ranger. not a rancher. I guess if gourd dies it means there's no longer a police force. Makes sense since everyone else has had wandering gun and such type roles.

I guess psy's point does make sense. I kind of don't see the value in it though because scum would have to use 2 nk while being down a player to kill someone who doesn't actually matter to their win con. I'm also looking at the current player base. If we were up against 3 scum originally, then a mislynch here and the game is over. If were down to 1 scum we still have an extra day to get it right.

Sheriff Mafia (GAME OVER)

I die when the sheriff dies. I guess I should have posted that too. Also it may be worth considering why it's a different win condition. I guess I am wrong to call it a power, but altiya was town and only had that win condition, and no power and I guess that's what is throwing me off. That and time constraints cause I only have time to post at night.

Anyways that's all I have time for tonight.