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Change Log

Just a small bug to report this time. In the new town, the highguard weapon is shown as a rank 2, instead of a rank 3.

Edit: The oracle also seems extremely weak. The magic boost is really low compared to some tier two weapons (such as the asura that I inevitably decided not to replace.

Change Log

With alot of the bugs out of the way (and general balance changes), I picked this back up again. There's still a few passability bugs lurking around, but none of them are game breaking, so I left that alone. Heres some current bugs I do know about in the newest version.

Bugs I know about (though not neccessarily in order):

1. In Kholigan cave, when your backtracking through, if you try to push a chest up out of the way, it moves down instead when you aren't blocking it.

2. In the mages tower, if you try to leave with your white mage, it still acts as if your trying to leave with vi....oalston.

3. In oalstons dream, if you move down from your starting position, you effectively trap yourself forcing you to reload.

4. When you get free reign of lindlblum, if you visit the mountain before liberating the first town, you effectively give the mages the rations you never got, and get a mission to liberate a different town.

Edit: 5. I didn't get a chance to mention this one earlier, but if a character dies while inflicted with other status ailments, the sprite still looks like it's standing. Granted I only found this out because I decided to just run through the flowers on that one mountain, after killing the boss. Stingy with items, but pro enough to get away with it.

Edit 6: When searching for vahn with ami, theres a door in surgate that's locked, and it acts like vahn is leading the group.

I was too lazy to write down the minor things I saw, but those were the most annoying of the bunch.

Ps: I must say, the magus sisters were a huge disappointment. Two caller spells = Easy win. No where near as annoying as the originals.

Edit: Overall my thoughts is that the abundance of secrets is nice. it's just the gameplay thats far too easy. The hardtype is probably the challenge I'm looking for though, so I'll play that one eventually.

One thing I would like to request you add is a chocobo minigame prize list somewhere. I didn't really feel motivated to camp it and hope I get something good, considering the sheer amount of prizes. I'm sure there are nice prices besides potions and stuff, but if I'm really going to feel compelled to go for them, it would help to know what they are.

Also, I found bosche, and his first relic, but it seems to be reletively useless. The heal from it isn't that much, and who needs protect when magic spells are the greater threat. Honestly, I havn't found one melee attacker yet who's been a threat to my party.

I should of really kept a list, but I decided to just take the time to enjoy the game instead of my usual thorough testing. Anyways, that's everything that I can think of for now. Decided to post a bit more since I just got home from doing some stuff.

Edit: Me and a friend were just talking about the arena (first time there, I havn't gotten to a point to where I can go for seconds yet). I know alot of people get stuck around the it odd I made it to level 22-23 of the arena? I know I cleared that whole first room of chests (the 8 of em before the stairs). I think I was around level 8 at that point due to exploring.

Edit: Found a new bug that I'm not too sure about. I had siegfried use crippling blow, but before it went off, he got slept. I cast esuna and the sleep buff went away, but his bar isn't moving at all. Sort of a pain I can't use him for the rest of this battle (it's a boss battle too against mundilfari), but I suppose I'll just have to manage without him. New edit: Actually, after he got hit, the bar started moving again. That's odd though, why would the sleep text disappear when I cast esuna, but it not act like he's awake till he got hit? Oh well, time to destroy the boss. Well...that was easy.

Edit: Got the airship, and I found a town called oaktown. What's weird is at the burly here, I can upgrade a battlemage into a battlemage? that's the exact same weapon. Burly is trying to rip me off :(.

Edit: Man this keeps getting longer with every one of my edits. In falgabard port, if you try to enter the item shop, instead you end up...right where you were standing outside said item shop.

Edit: In albrook, theres a house you can't enter. You can walk on the door, and nothing happens.

Edit: I visited the citadel and got arrested, when currently I'm supposed to be scouting out branch to find out what shape it's in. I feel like I may of skipped some events. I'm reloading just in case.

Edit: Not sure if it was intended, but you left a small space in hungering forest where you can land the airship. Without that, getting there via a normal chocobo is slightly tougher. I went via both routes since I was curious about a rumored chocobo hunter a npc mentioned in northdale, and naturally I found it.

Edit: The village of zen, the village of ninjas, does not sell throwing weapons. I call blasphemy here.

Edit: I remember one update you removed all instances of reflect, but I just realized my vera has reflect. Don't think thats intentional, so decided to post that.

...Also this post is getting way too big. Well, plenty of stuff for uprc to look into whenever he gets settled in from moving. Didn't intend to test this run, but I just can't seem to turn off that ability.

Change Log

Everything I've found before even leaving branch castle.

1. When talking to the scholar in branch castle (the one that talks about class weapons), indicating is spelt wrong.

2. In the castle, the book about chocobos talks about how they refuse to go on deserts and plains, but I know there are areas of desert I've managed to travel on before. One example is the desert near branch castle. The chocobo can't cross the bridge, but it can cross the nearby rocks, and then travel the desert on that side of the bridge as much as he wants. I recall another are with arachnids I believe I could travel on. (this is from pure memory, from my first run)

3. Inside the book: branch cave, it says To the south, I believe you accidently double spaced.

4. While in the throne room (the first scene with darius) appeared to be, looks like another accidently double space.

5. You can walk on the lights in the throne room.

6. There seems to be a useless door near where the conferance room used to be. It doesn't even say locked.

7. When reading: ore island, burried should be buried.

8. When I talked to the chef and the shop popped up, I see two items with nothing listened (no dialog at all, there not even named), and they both cost 0.

9. While in the castle sewers, if you get into an encounter while on one of thr bridges, the background in the battle turns to an overworld one.

10: This is from the dragoon right above the dungeon with the cave drake. We don't clearing them out since the basement is not used any longer. Does this part of his line not make sense, or is it just me? Take off the ing from clearing and it should be good.

11. First dragoon inside the dungeon: The drake is pretty tough monster and we've been having a lot of trouble trying to flus it out. First off, insert an a between is and pretty, then flush got cut off, so it shows as flus. I thing there is a double space between we've been as well.

Comment: The cave drake is a battle of attrition if you fight it with vahn and hans at level 2. He will often defense/cure, making it hard to do any real damage, his walk left seems useless, and his acid spit is annoying at best. Hes no real threat, but takes forever to kill him. I also think the antlions double hit is overkill this early on. It's an elemental weapon, that can blind and double hit, when your already one shotting monsters.

Edit: Damn, missed one! When talking to the guard, guarding branch castle, Good day sir, are you off on an errand or lord adder. Can you find what you did wrong?
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