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Cosplay Crisis Review

I'd say it's a fairly written review, though I doubt she will come back to this game. I'm sure you saw the comments where I tried to help her, but that didn't quite work out. I actually stopped playing myself due to the sheer amount of bugs, since it really ruins the whole experience. I'm hoping that eventually after working on some other games and improving her skills, she will come back and fix alot of the errors.

I agree with pretty much the whole review, and hopefully it motivates her. She wrote a great story and the battles were fun. I still have faith in her, so I figured I'd drop a comment on this.

Journeyman Review

Guys, this is getting out of hand. Sauce has his valid points...this whole mess is just adding fuel to the fire...and de...while I can understand what your trying to do, emmy can handle herself.

Here's my opinion to turns things around (hopefully). While I've been watching the game. I havn't really played it yet since it's not my style of gameplay. I rarely comment before playing...but seeing this whole mess...I'll make the exception.

Emmy wrote a well written review, who max took out of context because it was an outdated demo, but it was probably the only demo up when emmych downloaded the game. Am I on the mark so far? Anyways, emmych did her part and even left it unrated knowing it wasn't the final version of the game, and seeing it looks like any of her reviews, I seriously doubt there was any conspiracy as it was put.

Max wrote a raged induced essay on a whim (I don't know him personally, so I could be wrong about the whim), because either he didn't like the review, he had a bad day, or for some other unknown reason. Now I admit it was uncalled for, I don't think all the negative comments helped toward his response.

In the end, I don't presume to know max's plans (though I would enjoy seeing him do another story based one, but people change, so I won't hold my breath), but he should probably comment on this whole mess when hes more calm. I'd advise letting the flames die down a bit, and hopefully max can respond in a more rational manner. Otherwise, if the fights continue to get out of hand, then a mod would have to get involved.

The comments on the game itself...that will wait till I actually play it (which could be awhile). Max, whatever route you choose to take, I wish you luck with your game. I probably won't be replying..cause that'd ruin the whole point of this post.

Edit: Also on a less serious note...this is coming from a demonlord of all people. What is the world coming too?

Star Stealing Prince Review

Yeah it's definetly a good review. As for the flat could of very well been my fault too, since I explored everything! I never encountered the game breaker myself (could of been luck, who knows), and I was the one that managed to replicate the skill bug successfully, which probably helped a ton on getting it fixed.

As for the boss, I didn't have too much trouble myself (any stronger and I probably would have), but I agree it might be a tad too strong once ya factor in not everyone is a veteran at rpgs. I can always await (and hope there are) superbosses in the completed game. Overall, a fun game!

Also, I wonder if anyone else figured out the meaning behind a spot in that dungeon (no cheating and looking at one of my earlier posts in here!). I figured I'd ask since it factors in with dungeon design :).

Final Fantasy Essence Review

Pretty much agree with the whole thing here. I have to say I was astonished by the lack of secret passages. It's been awhile, but I only recall about 3 in the whole game, and they weren't that challenging to find.

The whole grind for ep thing I forgave due to the fact I just recently got the system, but I agree I would of liked a spot besides the world map to gain it. Even an optional area to explore would of helped a huge bit here I think.

Writing and battles were the games weakest points in my opinion, but seeing the game is only 2-3 hours in so far, it's completely salvagable, and it's not too late to go back and change things. I do think the game has lots of potential, but some things were a letdown.

Well, thats really all I can think of to comment on for now. I'll come back and edit if anything else hits me.

Original Block Land Review

Ignore this one, accidently double posted.

Original Block Land Review

All this arguing has forced my hand, I'll put my own opinions into the game, since I bothered to complete it. The fact you want to make a realistic caterpillar system is understandable, but shrugging off peoples opinions of it isn't the way to go about it. Rather than have it where you can get trapped, how bout make it you can talk to your party members, and ask to swap positions with them? Granted it's not the most efficient fix, but it keeps it realistic. There were a few decent jokes in the game, but the rest just didn't do it for me. The walking around in some places is tedious because they are built like a maze. The fights were way too easy. The final boss was disappointing, and I was wondering why I learnt new skills after beating the game. I mean all the fights are predetermined, so what was the point of the level 5 skills in the end? Also, I have no idea what that one item did. It just says it upgrades my 3d powers

All in all, you tried an interest concept and put it into a game, only it didn't have enough effort put into it to pull off what you wanted. Keep trying and improve on the game. It's easy to come up with ways to improve your systems, just think about how they work, and how can they work for your game.

Ps. I cheated your blocking system. Shift to run and ditch your party members anyone?

Edit: Sorry bout double post, they are both the same, don't bother reading second one. I clicked post, and for some reason it went in twice. I'm thinking my computer lagged, sorry bout that.

Retro Quest Review

Regarding the item/run point. I commented on that over in the other area, but heres the main problem I think he had here. He didn't scroll down to see if the menu scrolled down, and if he had, you would of encountered flee, and items. In fact, I would of lost to the fiends if there was no item command. As far as the encounters, mercenaries were a good resource of money for me, when I needed to stock up before a boss. Later on after you kill a certain fiend, there is the waterway option, but you may find yourself using items and making less in that area.

If not for that, his main point of having to run across the castle to heal would have been partially true. I didn't really find the enemies very threatening myself, but if it came to it, why not just buy some mobile items from the shop, and use that to heal? It may be a tad more expensive than using the shop if your healing quite a bit, but it's always there if you get down to that point. I'd say there are some areas that could use some modifying, but everything is fine for what he is going for, as it's not really imbalanced or anything. If anything, he can do that in the sequel.

My points are to stop the arguing. Granted he may of been a little rough in his review, but reviewers do tend to do that to push game makers into striving to make there games even better. If anything, I think he should of been more thorough, so that he didn't put points that really didn't make sense (flee/items anyone?). Not meaning to criticize ya, but the fact ya didn't notice them is hilarious. Always check for a scroll down menus when playing rpgs!
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