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[MAFIA] Star Trek (Limited Reveal) Mafia - Day 1

I'm thinking fomar was killed because he told us that he asked for clarification on the cop role. I'm really hoping he didn't do that while actually being the cop, but instead did that to get us some helpful information.

Anyways, going to wait till everyone posts at this point and hopefully we get some game changing info.

[MAFIA] Star Trek (Limited Reveal) Mafia - Day 1

I guess I can go ahead and say that I'm the town even coroner which means the odd one is scum. I don't see not claiming at this point because it would take 2 more days for me to even get another result. Especially since we should be able to clear a few people with the cops investigation.

At the time only emily was dead so I investigated her. She was vanilla.

[MAFIA] Star Trek (Limited Reveal) Mafia - Day 1

I'm here for a bit so I'll give ozzy/muffle a chance to post before I hammer. I do feel like my nolynch plan has our best odds at winning.

[MAFIA] Star Trek (Limited Reveal) Mafia - Day 1

Also I'm dumb. Emily was the one who got nked, so I guess the only lynch option is odd if we go through with that.

[MAFIA] Star Trek (Limited Reveal) Mafia - Day 1

I didn't like odd or emilys reaction to my plan either. Do you think it's worth stopping to lynch now that we started the no lynch plan? It's not impossible they had bad reactions and it's probably safer to stick to the plan.

Also just to add, if anyone flips scum when killed by the nk then we automatically know they were the miller. If we kill odd here and he's the miller, that could mess up our calculations.

[MAFIA] Star Trek (Limited Reveal) Mafia - Day 1

I think I smell something burning.

That said, looks like this plan has a high chance of success and I'm feeling fairly confident in it. I think we have gotten all the opinions were gonna get, and I do agree with cave on giving scum very little to work with on the nk.


[MAFIA] Star Trek (Limited Reveal) Mafia - Day 1

One thing I've been considering is nolynch. Anti-stalling is in effect so we can't do it indefinitely though.

This current cop role sounds extremely strong because he clears two people at once. It is possible to hit two scum too, but the odds of that in an 11 player game is extremely unlikely. Much more likely is hitting either two town, or 1 town and 1 scum.

So I'm thinking cop targets two people tonight and likely hits two town, scum kills someone and were still at 10 players. At that point we can probably start scum hunting, and even if we miss that's an extra player hiding the cop that we didn't kill on day 1, and cop could probably give us his results day 3. If we wait till day 3 on the cop reveal, we'd have confirmed 4 people with the same alignment. Night 1 scum would have 9 players to choose from, and assuming we scum hunt and miss on day 2, that's 7 players scum would have to choose from. I feel like our cop surviving that long has fairly good odds.

The risk here is that roles wont be revealed, so we won't know if our cop died without the coroner checking.

You and fomar are much bigger math guys than I am though so I don't know for sure how viable this is. Normally I wouldn't be considering this because we usually get more out of a lynch than a nolynch, but it might be worth it with the cop being more powerful than usual.

Now that I've suggested this, now's a good a time as any to remove my joke lynch.


[MAFIA] Star Trek (Limited Reveal) Mafia - Day 1

I suspect cave may be a romulan or some other alien entity since the universal translator could not translate his reveal.

[MAFIA] Star Trek (Limited Reveal) Mafia - Day 1

As promised, I'm counter claiming caves doctor claim. He hasn't claimed you say? I'm starting a new meta.

Psy broke his promise and didn't claim turbo death miller. I'm disappointed.

#lynch psy

[MAFIA] Star Trek (Limited Reveal) Mafia - Day 1

If cave is claiming doctor day 1, then I'm going to counterclaim doctor d1. We can't have just 1 doctor, it's unheard of.