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RPGmaker Mafia for Normal People GAME OVER [MAFIA]

I had to do some stuff after given my thoughts but I'm back now. I considered cancelling, but I still don't feel any better about LP. My reasoning may not have been the greatest, but her reactions and general lack of doing much didn't change my opinion any.

I should look and see when emily cast that last vote of hers. The fact that she was actually doing something this game made me feel she was playing differently and could be town, but I didn't actually look and see when the last vote happened. I'll go back and do that.

I guess I'll go ahead and cancel since I don't think anyone else is going to vote for her this day phase.


RPGmaker Mafia for Normal People GAME OVER [MAFIA]

Hey, I'm alive! I still support my LP lynch, but I'm open too other lynches too. I do feel a bit better about cap from his later posts.

I could get behind a jeroen lynch. I don't think voting me is suspicious by itself considering he scum reads me every single game, but I can see the arguments that have been made for a jero lynch.

Odd is the easy lynch here. He does this every game where he posts but doesn't really contribute anything helpful

Emily feels different to me than last game where she rolled scum. She actually threw down an early joke vote, and was willing to switch off of it later.

I can't say I know enough about oldpats style, but she does seem to be genuinely looking for scum.

LP hasn't really done anything that makes me feel any better about her.

I think my picks for today would be LP, odd, or jero.

RPGmaker Mafia for Normal People GAME OVER [MAFIA]

Pretty sure that was tale also odd.

Also since I'm 2 away from lynch, and I could get killed overnight, so I might as well say I'm vanilla. This also means I have a 25% chance of being the miller so killing me wouldn't be the worst decision. Probably look at lizard, cap and jero after I flip town. There has to be at least one scum member on me, but I'm adding cap to that because I'm still suspicious of him.

I think psy and fomar are probably town.

Anyone I didn't mention are pretty null to me right now.

RPGmaker Mafia for Normal People GAME OVER [MAFIA]

9 is the root of the number I got, but I doubt I was on the right track anyways.

RPGmaker Mafia for Normal People GAME OVER [MAFIA]

Right, has to be a root...oops.

RPGmaker Mafia for Normal People GAME OVER [MAFIA]

I want to say 18 but I think my way of looking at it is too simple. Psy's probably on the right track.

RPGmaker Mafia for Normal People GAME OVER [MAFIA]

Yeah I didn't think it through. I didn't look that closely at the list lol.

RPGmaker Mafia for Normal People GAME OVER [MAFIA]

For anyone curious about my answer, the digital root of a number is every number within the number added together. In this case with every number being a single digit, there is nothing to add. Also as for who has which number, odd just used this games player list and used a letter from there name.

RPGmaker Mafia for Normal People GAME OVER [MAFIA]

It's 5. It was pretty easily solved actually.

RPGmaker Mafia for Normal People GAME OVER [MAFIA]

I wouldn't fully agree with that. The whole point of jokevotes early on is to get people talking.

Also, I'm sensing a contradiction here. You won't vote someone without a valid reason, but you just clearly said you found fomars math suspicious. Any reason you didn't put a vote down for him at the time?