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Retro Quest

Warning, this post may contain spoilers, read at your own peril.

Pretty good game so far, and any bugs I did find were so small they aren't worth mentioning, as I highly doubt anyone else will notice them. Right now, I'm on the new game+, and I'm having some slight difficulty. I found around 14-15 secrets my first attempt, which I think is good. The thing thats troubling is I'm missing a fiend, and I'm not too sure on what area I missed, as I'm normally pretty thorough about finding stuff. The fiends I have are fire, water, ice, wind, and earth. Ironically, I found the earth fiend the first five minutes of the game, and got slaughtered when I challenged him. I had a bad feeling about him and saved beforehand though.

The game itself has the feel for what it's going for, and maps don't really bother me unless there really empty, so your maps don't bother me at all, even if they have a weird feel to them. I just thought I'd comment, especially after reading the latest review. I couldn't help but lol when he said you couldn't use items/run from battles. I'd like to see you fight a fiend without items, cause I know I used items for all of them. The secrets are pretty well done, I just wish I had that ability that reveals secret passages, from the ff genre. I have to say, the waterway is pretty dangerous too.

Well anyways, I'd say this game is pretty good for a first game, and it looks like sbester has some competition. Good luck with the sequel!

Eden Legacy II: Children of Eden

That should be good for now. The bugs I've found are up there in my second one.

Eden Legacy II: Children of Eden

Edit: Sorry for the double post, when I pressed reply, I accidently double clicked which made it go in twice. I'll just use this one for future bugs, so it's not a completely useless post.

In the area where you use the jagged key to get in, you can walk on the rounded walls. In one of the wells on the orange path after you remember your path, you actually have to walk below the stairs, instead of on them, to get out of the well. You can walk on the orange cracked brick walls in a different well a little further in.

i ended up removing the blockage before I even knew about it, i just saw a suspicious area, and went down to explore. Because of this, I don't think I can get the gemstone in the inn, since I explored the town after...oh well. Just felt like throwing this one out, since I have no idea if I was supposed to talk to someone to trigger that quest. Edit: It was the gemstone in the house, not the inn, that I can't get to.

The second time you talk to the oracle, Find is shown as F ind. In the next dungeon down the stairs, if you go back up, it spawns you kinda far from the entrance, considering you just walked up some steps.

Eden Legacy II: Children of Eden

Well, I've beaten the first dungeon, and found a bug already. First, you can still open up your inventory during scenes. While it's not a game breaker, it's still a bug. Second, prism is spelt prism, not prisim. You typo'd the first dungeon name. Third, once you get the phoenix rune, you can glitch the game. If you enter a place other than the soul revival area, the girl will block the entrance.

Slew of Oldies

Well, it was my whole house, but things are coming along. Before I got into college, we were staying in the camper, and things have been coming along since then. I got me a nice new laptop (few months old now), which puts my old computer to shame.

I can see why you would lol. I tested it anyways, and i can tell the difference between now and then. The mapping sucked, battles were incredibly easy (though I didn't finish it, due to the lack of direction it gives you), not much to the scenes (and they occur more than once), as well as a cave area that crashed the game. I did however, abuse the continous 5 potion chest (even though I didn't need them) just for fun,

Slew of Oldies

Well, seeing how many bugs your old games have should prove to be interesting. Sorry I havn't been around to test the eden legacys after the first one. I finally got off the waiting list and into college, so i've been busy with that. Right now i'm off on my thanksgiving break. Who knows though, I think I might just download these for kicks.

Phantasia 5

If need be, I can send ya my save file with my little problem with neko. That way, even if you can't find the problem, you might be able to fix my game. I don't really want to redo the whole thing considering how far I am.

Not sure if I mentioned it before (been a few days since I could get on, seeing a repairman accidently cut the line to the internet, rendering my colleges internet useless), but now i'm home for thanksgiving break. Anyways, during one of the times you play as a certain demon, you start off in a cave. You can exit where you start, walk to the town, and somewhat see a scene early on, regarding the main character.

Anyways, I still think your games are good. The one downfall of all of them is that they weren't tested thoroughly by anyone. They all have a few game breaking bugs. I'd retest them and actually keep a list, it's just I'm so busy with college these days, and due to that my legendary bug crushing skills are put on hold. I've just been playing games for enjoyment, and somehow I still end up finding's a gift and a curse.

Well, sorry if I repeated anything, but I have more free time while i'm on break, and due to that I can type more the way I normally would. Also, once I complete college (i am getting through stuff rather quickly), which will likely be in a few months, I'd be happy to give any of your games a thorough playthrough after that.

If ya need to contact me for anything, your best bet is likely my msn (the messanger itself), but i'm not giving that out here. If ya want it, just ask for it.. I will try to keep a bit of a list the next time i'm playing the game.

Phantasia 5

Alright, I'm not sure how to do spoiler tags on here so expect the character within this huge paragraph since i dont want to spoil and since im used to frequenting a different forum, and because of that, this won't be as organized as I would like. It was mainly just passability bugs, and a few typos. The character was neko. The gamebreaking ones were access to certain areas before you should have access to them, as well as I figured out the bug in the first town. If you get the empty bottle on the first day, it glitches. At least im assuming so, but truth is i filled it with water before I even knew I could, and that glitched mine. College takes up my time, so I didn't compile a list.

Yes, I am just that good a tester. I may go back through and make a list when i have more time.

Phantasia 5

Well, I've liked all your games, but sadly, they are all very glitched. If anything, you need to get yourself a tester who knows what he/she is doing. I'd offer to do it myself, but I didn't compile a list, and I don't really have the time currently. Suffice to say, if I had made a list, I'd have around 10 ways that you can screw up your game, and around 20 minor bugs.

I wasn't going to reply, but I'm enjoying the game and my hand is forced. Somehow, I managed to glitch one of the characters shift specials, and that character uses it over and over again, and if there is no enemy in the spot she targets, my game crashes. I can send my save file if need be, if that will help.