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RPGmaker Mafia for Normal People GAME OVER [MAFIA]

Had a bit going on or I would have signed up sooner. Big storm hit tennessee a few days ago and I had no power for a few days other than a generator powering essentials and one tv, and my phone. I'm finally back now!

If were taking rpg maker games as our persona/flavor, then sign me up as umbral soul.

[MAFIA] Chrono Trigger - A Mafia Through Time - Game Over

A class changing system sounds interesting to me. I enjoy custom setups more than I do vanilla setups, but that's just me. I'll play it either way though.

[MAFIA] Chrono Trigger - A Mafia Through Time - Game Over

A week sounds good to me. Also yeah, it's just a bad habit of mine. I know it's wrong in my head, but I still somehow seem to type it anyways. I should really work on that.

[MAFIA] Chrono Trigger - A Mafia Through Time - Game Over

This was a fast game. Yeah mass claiming could of easily won. I looked at the list of fake claims and none of those were even main characters, whereas every actual role was a main character.

I had also noticed every main character had one move from the actual game. I didn't say anything in the thread in case scum hadn't noticed.

I really liked the travel mechanic and mp systems too, and would have liked to have seen it come into play more.

[MAFIA] Chrono Trigger - A Mafia Through Time - Game Over

It's not impossible, but assuming there are 3 scum, it'd be risky for them to jump on the same train. I could see one of them aiming for the lizard train though considering lockez and lizard were easy targets after many people were looking good after the ae lynch.

[MAFIA] Chrono Trigger - A Mafia Through Time - Game Over

You were probably thinking of his ability name lol. It actually is called heal, it's just the effect is a little different than what you'd think considering burn is in the game.

[MAFIA] Chrono Trigger - A Mafia Through Time - Game Over

Couple of things I noticed from muffles post.

First, doing the reverse of burn odd/nightkill fomar was a legitimate option. Odd's heal only gives someone mp, it doesn't heal burn status.

Second, the new and struggling also applies to oldpat.

[MAFIA] Chrono Trigger - A Mafia Through Time - Game Over

that first line should end with her, not hero.

Also I forgot to reply to pat. I've actually been avoiding the age of magic. Like fomar, I believe schala could be in the game as scum. I'd avoid the age of lavos and the age of magic for sure. we have no reason to go to the age of fiends with frog dead either, and their could be a scum related to that era. I think the rest of the era's are safe though.

[MAFIA] Chrono Trigger - A Mafia Through Time - Game Over

Cap, wouldn't it be pro-lavos vagabonds who sprayed that on the pic in order to protect hero.

Emily, just take some white-out and you can get rid of that *not* easily enough. The definitely is fine though.

I'm almost considering changing my vote simply because I can't believe lockez actually missed the lavos reveal with giant pictures and everything. If he were in a scum chat with emily, I'm almost certain his partner would of been panicking and would have pointed it out. Still considering this because emily said to lynch you, and of course she's going to say that if you are her partner in order to make you look town.

Lizard hasn't even posted once this day phase. I would probably vote her for this reason.

I didn't think about it before, but in a way psy was fishing for roles when he asked about who drained him. I highly doubt he's scum though considering how early he went after emily. Also I said it before but I drained emily's mp. I like how she never even acknowledged this when I mentioned it before, and instead just completely fixated on fomar. Definitely not selling me on the role swap theory by doing that.

[MAFIA] Chrono Trigger - A Mafia Through Time - Game Over

Yeah I think emily probably used fire on fomar while using the nk on frog. That makes sense.