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[MAFIA] Is this Werewolf?

That's part of it. Emily had a pretty strong reaction to you not attempting to kill trihan on d1, despite never voting trihan herself (granted she didn't post at all after the vote took off, but there was a good few hours between that and eod I believe). Another reason is trihan has barely mentioned emily at all, which is why I can see them as a team.

Fair point on the miller usually knowing who they are. I think I had gotten too used to the miller not knowing who they are the last few games we had.

[MAFIA] Is this Werewolf?

Also worth noting that lockez has talked a lot about the information we have, but hasn't really said anything on who he thinks scum might be. In fact, his only lynch vote was in the very post made he made this game. Anyone else think he might be flying under the radar?

[MAFIA] Is this Werewolf?

The biggest reason I believe odd is he was the first one to mention that the lycan knows who they are. Seems weird to me that someone would specifically ask muffle that when a miller type role usually doesn't know who they are.

Also I reread and I could get behind an emily vote too. I could see the emily/trihan scumteam being there since I noticed at no point did emily actually vote for trihan. It's possible she just went silent since there was a good few hours there between when we started the trihan chain before eod ended. Also psy's observation is true and it looks pretty bad.

[MAFIA] Is this Werewolf?

Oh I missed the muffle post. Looks like were safe.

[MAFIA] Is this Werewolf?

I'm here, also this is an interesting turn of events...although I wish it hadn't happened almost at eod because there's almost no time to discuss it.

Looking through the thread, odd had implied that the lycan knew who they were. Later on fomar confirmed it with muffle.

Considering the series of events, the only way odd would know that is if he asked muffle about the lycan first. It's possible I guess. I also don't think there is any reason for anyone to fake claim lycan this late in the game.

I'm considering the possibility of multiple lycans.

In that case possible scum is me (I'm not), trihan, psy, lockez, emily. I think that's everyone.

I need to reread emily, but I do think she hasn't had as much presence as she usually does. The biggest issue I think is we don't have the players to go after anyone right now.

[MAFIA] Is this Werewolf?

I missed the latest psy post so I need to read that one.

[MAFIA] Is this Werewolf?

I'm back now. The only real issue for me with eod is I'm on central time and I work most of the day, I get off at 4:30, so I usually won't even be here until 5 my time which is 4 hours after eod.

Looking at the new posts maybe the lynch couldn't of been pulled off anyways, but that also wasn't known at the time. I still don't like psy's logic though. As for my earlier argument maybe saying he caused a mislynch wasn't the best wording, but he was clearly preferred no lynch over lynching trihan. It's kind of the same thing, but I guess you could argue the context is a little different.

[MAFIA] Is this Werewolf?

I'm getting ready to head out for errands so I won't be active until later today but I went ahead and read up first. I would of liked to be here yesterday, but with my work hours it just wasn't possible. I work 8 - 4:30 central time, and the day ended I'd say 3 or 4 hours before that. I can't say exactly because my rmn time isn't configured, but that's a rough estimate.

I feel like Jero is correct. His argument for killing me could easily be made for killing trihan as well. In fact trihan had more heat than I did. Instead he defends trihan yesterday, and is only now starting to feel like they could be scummy...I'm not feeling that argument.

Also you say we were set up for follow the cop, but you were the first one to acknowledge that not all roles could be in the game. Since we had seer there was a good chance we probably didn't have a bodyguard.

I feel like psy is the only correct choice after he caused a nolynch.

#lynch psy

I'll be back in about 2 hours probably.

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Nothing I'm reading gives me a strong feeling of anyone else. At this point it looks like either a psy or trihan vote is best. I don't really have an argument of my own for either of them though. I can kind of see jero's point, but it's such a small thing that I don't know how I feel about it.

Both my odd and fomar picks are now out. That thing altiya did early still bugs me, but they have given so many new player vibes since then that I've kind of backed away from that vote. One other thing I noted is lockez lack of presence, but we don't have a lot of time and don't think a lockez vote would go anywhere.

I'm going to be at work for 8 hours when I leave, so I won't have any way to post. Best chance is my lunch break via my phone, but by time I grab my lunch, eat, and get back, I usually only have 5-6 spare mins of break left, which isn't very much time to catch up on anything and vote. Not to mention typing on mobile is super slow.

I'll go with jeros instinct just because It's unlikely I'm going to be here, and I want to avoid a no lynch situation.

#lynch trihan

[MAFIA] Is this Werewolf?


I'll be leaving for work in an hour and then I can't really be here.