I am simply a dangerous tester. Don't believe me? Then give me a game and I'll prove it.

Fear the lord of darkness!


Eiyuden Chronicle

Hey look, an elusive topic from the elusive demon!

I'm not sure if anyone here has found this yet (I just found this myself today), and figured I'd share. For anyone who gave up on getting a new suikoden, it looks like we may get one after all! The creator of the original suikoden games is now part of a new studio and hard at work on a new suikoden style game for us. He can't use the suikoden name (thanks a lot nintendo), so he is creating it under a new name. There's a few links out there, but I'm going to post the kickstarter link so you can look at the goals, and just how much has been funded already.

the demon to be feared

Well, some of you may know me, some of you may not. I used to be in the rpg maker scene for awhile, disappeared for a good while (lots of stuff happened, house got flooded, went to a school for some job training, etc), but it seems recently I have a bit of free time on my hands, so I've been hanging around.

So a bit about me then. I'm 22 (23 in 7 days), went into the business field since I'm fairly competent with computers (not to mention I can type 80 wpm), and my future goal is to learn a bit more about game making than I do. I wrote up some ideas for my own game, but right now I feel as though I lack the skills to create the epic that I desire. My hobbies are working with computers, hanging with friends, and of course gaming (and testing).

For anyone who desires my testing skills (yes, they are that good, I've solved 2 bugs nobody could figure out already just recently), feel free to Pm me, but if I feel the game does not meet my standards, I reserve the right to decline. I don't expect anything to get in my way for a good while, so I'll be hanging around here.

Well, I don't want to make this too long, so I'll just end this with my old closing line. Fear the lord of darkness!
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