New user trying to make his first game! Any advice welcome

Good advice, but I probably won't be able to really get back to working on the game in a bit. I've already started helping someone else by writing stuff for their project so... I guess that's a few of your tips broken there already, lol. And next month or so I'm going to have to do a big event thing for another site and I'll be amazed if I have enough time to even think about level design between trying to run 5 characters at once and everything that comes with that.

But after that's over and I've done all I can on the other big project, all of this is totally going to apply, hopefully! At least by then I'll be able to make threads freely, so that will be EXTREMELY helpful if nothing else.

New user trying to make his first game! Any advice welcome

Welcome to RMN. Don't be like Dudesoft.

Thanks for the warning, Mr. ....... Dudesoft....

[PAID] Writter for a MMORPG Fantasy

Sure! What's your channel? I'm pretty new to discord, so it might take a bit for me to find it, lol.

[PAID] Writter for a MMORPG Fantasy

Alright! So here's what I'm thinking. Right off the bat, we've got five storylines to set up and work with, so what if we have each race's storyline be kind-of tied into the feel of that race? Like the humans are probably going to be a basic more general-purpose standard build, I imagine, so I'm thinking of setting up a much more traditional standard questline for their story. Go out, explore X dungeon and kill the boss, earn the king's favor, that sort of thing.

Then with the Elm, they're very knowledgeable and more sort-of elegant and elf like, so with their unwillingness to take direct action, I think it would be cool if their story would be more based around political agreements and covert operations with the player being sent out to send messages to ally with other groups or take out specific targets in secret at the risk of being outcast if he fails. Stuff like "Sneak into the Uder ranks and kill the monsters they send to fight" or "Sabotage this person's quest to frame the Uder and force them into a fight on two fronts".

For the Uder, you mention a ritual where they have to go out into the world which can probably be a storyline in itself, but I'm thinking that maybe you could start with some solid equipment for the first outing to prove yourself and then someone manages to steal it. So the player sets out on a quest for revenge where you just destroy anything in your way to find where the person/monster who took your stuff is so you can take it back. I feel like if someone picks a strength-focused more brutal group like this that they'd probably want to just feel like an action-based force of destruction, so I think this will work out pretty well.

With the Boduid, I think a bit of a goofier tone would probably work best. I'm actually kind-of considering setting the main quests around a trading group. Like something where the player can go around defending some form of caravan or small group of merchants that can have fun conversations bouncing back and forth until things get more serious for some reason and they have to deal with defending themselves from another kingdom or something. Like I'm thinking it will probably be a lot more of a reactionary thing where you're defending characters the player can get attached to instead of actively going out for personal gain or something like with the other stories.

And then there's the werewolf, which could honestly go in any number of ways. I feel like the most interesting way to take, though, would be if they're enemies that the player has to deal with in every other storyline but in their storyline you see how they're more focused on protecting or avenging their own and keeping the balance of nature, which could be a reoccurring thing hinted at with each other storyline. We might even be able to tie it all in with the way magic actually works in this world depending on how we explain it.


Anyways, that's what I'm thinking about the main questlines as a general idea. Also, I'd like to ask a few questions about what you generally want. Like would you rather have the storylines of each race tie together into a single threat? Or would you rather have each of them find their own final boss that's built up over the course of that race's story? Also, would you rather have the player character have their own history and personality, or would you want them to be more of a blank slate? I imagine it's probably going to be something more along the lines of "this race looks like this" instead of having like a male and female option for each one, but I could be wrong.

I think that should cover just about everything that I'd kind-of want to mainly know outside of the magic system and stuff like approval on what you would and wouldn't want and how groups and stuff should interact.

So does everything so far sound good?

[PAID] Writter for a MMORPG Fantasy

I've been writing on RPing sites for several years now and I've always wanted to get into writing as a career in some form, so I'd love to get involved in this project! I've got quite a bit of experience in characterization, setting up story and plot structures, and I don't have a heavy course-load this semester so I'm open to talk and get to work on things at almost any time of the day.

So if you're interested, please make a post or something and we can maybe set up a chatzy or something to get things going and see what happens.

What are you thinking about right now?

Why the heck is the PandoraHearts anime so obscure? I found it recently and it's freaking awesome! You would think people would want to see the adventures of an effing grim reaper rabbit with chain powers that just constantly throws crazy turns at you!

..... What if one day I finally make something big and awesome and it just ends up becoming incredibly obscure.... That would really suck.

New user trying to make his first game! Any advice welcome

Personally, I think a game dev should use every engine available at least once. Should you start over? No. Should you download Construct 2? Definitely.

Thanks, that makes complete sense to me. Also, I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea because when I say "start over" I mean like "pasting tiles onto a room, plugging in a walking animation, and using collision tiles for a border." Which honestly probably won't take me like 10 minutes or so now that I kind-of know what I'm sort-of doing and have the assets? Like I don't want to mislead people, I basically just have a blank one-room sprite-based walking sim at this point, lol.

New user trying to make his first game! Any advice welcome

I've found a lot of stuff talking about construct 2, but I'm having a really hard time finding things that can help me out with construct classic. And since I can only make one thread a day here, that's going to probably REALLY slow me down.

Should I download construct 2 and just start over with what little I've got done? I found a thread saying construct classic was sort-of better and that construct 2 might surpass it one day, but it was also made in 2012 and a lot has probably changed in the last four years. Also, I'm seeing a lot of stuff for construct 2 in plugins(?) and nothing for classic, so that seems like a big plus.

I probably should just go ahead and do it, but I want to kind-of hear what the people who know what they're doing say about this because I don't want to leave the little progress I've made behind for something that might ultimately be a worse system.

New user trying to make his first game! Any advice welcome

Thanks for all the helpful advice, guys. I've already made a sprite and managed to make it move in a small contained area, so I guess that's something? Now all I need to do is figure out how the heck menus work in Construct and then figure out how to create and apply some form of basic stat system for a turn based game and then design and somehow setup randomized enemies and figure out how the heck I can make a combat screen work.... Then I'll finally be able to start maybe including some form of plot, somehow making scripted events happen, and I'll finally be prepared to send it out and get back all the negative reviews over how bad it is, lol!

I can get a basic grasp of how this system seems to work, but holy crap, am I going to need to start making threads if I want to ever get anything done with this.... I expected that I'd have to make stuff from the ground up, but I had no idea how 'from the ground up' you needed to work to just make something as basic as "hit space to talk to NPC" or something.

New user trying to make his first game! Any advice welcome

Yeah, you're right, it's probably going to be crap, lol! I'm thinking that I'll probably put up something that's not going to look good or be that impressive that goes through like a few floors without any town or real overworld and then I'll take feedback on it, see what I can fix. Then, I'll go back, improve things as much as I can, maybe add in a bit of plot and another few floors, and throw it up somewhere. And then after that feedback comes in, I'll try to fix what I can, change things from the last area maybe, improve a bit, add another few floors, throw that up. HOPEFULLY, by the end of it all I'll have something half-decent that's not exactly good, but is at least not offensively crappy. Then, MAYBE I can take what I've learned and potentially, MAYBE, hopefully re-make it all and see if it comes out good.

It probably won't ever be something amazing, but, by the end of it, hopefully I'll be able to make something that at least feels like I'd be able to suggest to a friend or something. And then, after all of that is over, maybe I'll be able to do something genuinely cool for the next project.
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