Hey there. :-) I'm just a guy in his 20s who loves RPGs and creates them as a hobby.
Exile's Journey
A disgraced knight must face his internal conflicts when the world is in danger.




Thanks, LordBlueRouge!

This will likely be my last solo project to use the RTP

If you do consider making your own assets, I recommend the program Aseprite if you're looking for a pixel art tool. It's $15 but is absolutely incredible and I use it for everything that involves pixels.

This will likely be my last solo project to use the RTP

Whether it's justified or not, it's true that many people avoid games which use the RTP resources. Not using RTP can certainly help your games stand out.

More Planned Changes

That's a good call on the portraits. They actually seemed much younger in my head, although it does make sense that they are 13/14.

The Gameplan Moving Forward

Why stop there?

Cygnus Crypts
Shrine of Cygnus
Cygnus Temple
Cygnus Depths
Towers of Cygnus
Tomb of Cygnus
Cygnus Plains
Cathedral of Cygnus
Cygnus Restaurant
Movie Theater of Cygnus
Club Cygnus
Cygnus's Pizza
Cygnus Mall

Version 1.7 Patch (July 31st, 2020)

Thanks, iddalai! I've always appreciated your comments, advice, and overall support over the years!

Prologue / Demo & New Teaser

I'm looking very much forward to playing this. It looks absolutely incredible. Every map feels very much alive. You definitely get a sense of what it would FEEL like to be there.

I often find myself making stuff of out of order, too. It happens a lot when I'm going tired of working on a particular section - I generally jump forward to work on something new for a while. In addition, I sometimes get an amazing idea for a map or dungeon and I want to start on it right away while it's fresh in my mind.

Future games?

>Either a mechanic to battles that is unique to your game or some kind of skill system.

A very valid point! I do have plans to have much more elaborate skill systems and more unique battle mechanics in my future games. For this game, I kept things simple because I didn't want to end up canceling my game due to biting off more than I can chew. However, now that I know what I'm capable of achieving, I can plan for more intricate gameplay mechanics.

Future games?

There is so much I am proud of in Exile's Journey, but also a lot of I'd like to improve or expand upon, and some things I plan to change completely as well! But, while I work on my design documents and such, I'd like to hear some feedback from you as well.

It's out! Download is live!

Two sequels are planned - one will be a short side-project that I don't intend to take very long to make, and the other will be a direct sequel to Exile's Journey. More information will be released on these in the future once development ramps up.

If you enjoy the game, the best way to support me is to simply spread the word!
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