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Exile's Journey
A disgraced knight must face his internal conflicts when the world is in danger.



Exile's Journey


I just remembered : We never did learn what happened to the first Holy Sword that got stolen. And because the Dark Knights never made a reappearance until the 11th hour, I was fully expecting them to be a different faction. Perhaps Prince Bryce had his own ambitions in mind >=) No dice.

Originally, it was going to be revealed the Zibinx turned the Holy Sword into a sword of darkness, but I kind of just... forgot to include this plot point, heh. After the game released, I realized how cool and epic it would have been if I revealed that Antonin, Kniryk's father, inherited the old Holy Sword (now a Dark Sword). Then, if you choose Kniryk to fight Antonin, it would not only be father vs. son but holy vs dark sword. Ah well, if I ever release a "definitive edition" or something like that, I will be sure to make this happen.

This is so good, I'm just starting my act 3 and I wonder if the "map of the world" is accessible or playable that would a 100+ hrs gameplay.

Thanks! The map of the world is just there to help the player imagine where some of the other mentioned countries are in relation to Nysoroth. Unfortunately, the whole world is not playable in this game, but I plan to set every game in a new country. So, the game will probably not take you over 100 hours to beat. However, to my surprise, I have seen many save files that are over 50 hours!

Exile's Journey

Thank you very much for your comments. It means a lot to me that you think balanced the gameplay well. This is something I worked extremely hard on - especially for the first 2/3 of the game. In Act II, where you're free to complete a number of main dungeons and side dungeons in any order, it was especially difficult, but I played the game probably hundreds of times over the course of its development which led to lot of fine-tuning. I played the game repeatedly, doing things in every possible order.

You know, I often hear that I made things too expensive and money too scarce, so you're a rare example of someone who actually found things to be cheap. My goal was to make money scarce enough that the player is constantly forced to make choices about how to spend their money wisely and what is most important for their most imminent challenges.

In regard to your other comments, I pretty much agree with you overall.

Arawn not having dialogue was, as you mentioned, to make him seem ominous and scary and to imply that he feels so far above your party that he doesn't even feel that it's worth speaking. In addition, there's also the fact that he's not supposed to actually be an important character in the story. He's essenntially just a plot device. Perhaps that was a mistake on my part, but I didn't want him to take away from the themes of purpose and drive.

I did intend for Kniryk's character arc to conclude in the ending. I acknowledge that I didn't portray it well. The idea is that, by disobeying the king's orders and killing Zibinx, Kniryk is finally "free" in that he no longer strictly conforms to the law and is now willing to make his own decisions and act according to what he believes is just. As a Knight of Landoria, he did exactly as he was told, but now he is willing to make his own decisions. At this point, his development is supposed to be Lost Kniryk -> DGAF Kniryk. And perhaps he will develop further in later games...

I also wanted to subvert the trope of "main character marries love interest he met on the quest and they live happily ever after". I always thought that these kind of relationships would probably end badly since the characters never got to know each other in a domestic setting. As Leyna realizes that she may not like this guy as much within the confines of day-to-day life, seeds of doubt are planted in her mind. I pretty much left it hanging here. This choice, on my part, was probably a bad one in terms of satisfying my audience, because it seems that most people did not like this at all. However, I never wanted to make it seem like they hate each other, only that they may have problems in the future that they need to overcome.

It's funny - I originally planned for the ending to be even more brief. The original idea for the end of the game was for it to end abruptly after Kniryk kills Zibinx. However, this wasn't as cool as it seemed in my head, and I realized I needed to add more. I definitely agree that I didn't add enough, but I honestly found writing an ending to be extremely difficult. Plus, I wanted to leave things somewhat vague so that I have things to expand upon in the sequels, and leave the player wanting more, I suppose. Hopefully, I do a better job at writing an ending for my next games!

The scene with Morgana is there to set-up future sequels. It wasn't there in the beta, and a few testers noted that it felt strange not to have her in the ending at all.

Again, I'm really glad you enjoyed it, and I'm looking forward to taking everything I learned from Exile's Journey to make my future games even better.



Why are these forums relatively inactive?

Forums are gradually becoming more and more of a relic of the internet's past. They'll always be around .
No they wont. Forums will go the way of the Floppy, CD, Guest-Book, Response Videos, Flash and other stuff people thought would be around forever.

In all those instances, it was said none of that stuff was going anywhere. But now they're gone and in a lot of cases replaced with inferior stuff.

Can't say I agree. People will always look for places to discuss things. In my opinion, forums are more popular than ever - the format is just different and they are relegated to the most popular websites. Reddit and Facebook Groups are essentially forums, even though they may not look like 2000s-style message boards. That being said, I do much prefer the older message board style format and long for forums like RMN to become as popular as they were 15-20 years ago.

Dragon Quest Battle System v1.4

Well, my mind is blown. Great work.

Old/Lost RpgMaker Games - SegNin's Rare/Obscure RM Games Request Topic

I posted this on r/tipofmyjoystick, too, but I figure I may have better luck posting it in a place specifically for helping dig up old RPG Maker titles, which this game definitely at least had the look of, though I can't say with confidence whether it was actually made with any RPG Maker engine. I hope it's alright if I just copy and paste the description here. The game was from sometime in the 2000s, though I can't remember with much more specificity than that.

Genre: Turn-based JRPG

Estimated year of release: I actually don't know if the game got released; I think what I saw was a YouTube preview trailer for a work in progress, but I can say that that was almost certainly from the 2000s.

Graphics/art style: 16-bit pixel art; think SNES, Genesis, GBA, etc. It had a similar sort of look to the sort of rough-ish non-commercial pixel art of the time (2000s). I want to say the proportions were similar to something like Chrono Trigger or the two SNES Mana games, though the art style was noticeably different.

Notable characters: Only one (presumably-)named character I can recall; the central protagonist of the game, or at least the focal character of the trailer who was talked up as such. He had roughly shoulder-length (maybe a little shorter) red or auburn hair in a surprisingly grounded style, and a dusty brown cloak, and was going to be something of an antihero or villain protagonist according to the trailer. He started out very strong, with four-digit HP and dealing four-digit damage. I recall these numbers carrying roughly the same weight they usually do in classic Final Fantasy.

Notable gameplay mechanics: For a certain value of "notable"; I vaguely recall the preview battle showcasing ATB combat akin to Final Fantasies IV through IX, with the same sort of display as IV through VI on account of being 2D, but I'm not positive. In general, it seemed to be largely the same type of JRPG as the first nine or ten Final Fantasy titles, the Dragon Quest series, etc. A "classic third-person turn-based JRPG", I suppose.

Other details: I recall the scenes showcased in the trailer taking place in desert terrain. The main protagonist (described under "Notable Characters") was being pursued by soldiers, I think he had escaped the custody of whatever group the soldiers served? In particular, a scene where he's confronted by soldiers from that faction in a desert canyon and proceeds to wipe the floor with them sticks out in my mind. The locations on display gave me similar vibes to Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children's depiction of the wasteland surrounding Midgar/Edge, but I don't actually recall the game being said to take place in Final Fantasy VII's world. I can't say for sure if it did or didn't; I just don't recall anything that would concretely specify one way or the other, though my impression was that the setting was original. Overall, the whole thing was strongly infused with the sort of sense of "cool" you'd expect of a teen- to college-aged fan of Japanese animation and video games in the 2000s, if that makes sense. Text in the footage may not have been in English; if not, I think it would have been in one of the romance languages, but I can't recall with enough clarity to say which one.

Note that I'm recalling this from over a decade ago at this point, so a lot of it is very hazy, almost more concepts and feelings than really concrete recollections. I'm also not actually 100% confident it was a Final Fantasy fan project; it might've just been "inspired by" Final Fantasy instead. I do want to clarify that I know for a fact that it was not...
  • Final Fantasy Endless Nova
  • Either game in the Final Fantasy: Tales of Magic duology
  • Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy
  • Final Fantasy 0 (French fangame that I think only got as far as a trailer) has a similar sort of vibe to it and is from the right general time frame but I don't think that's it.
  • It's definitely not an official, commercial title. This was absolutely an indie endeavor, I'm certain of that much.
  • I was able to get in touch with the person who was making Final Fantasy: Hellbeast Moon and confirm that it's not that, either. They did say that the description I posted here sounds vaguely familiar to them, too, although they don't really remember it... so that at least is a point in favor of it having been a real thing at some point.

It's really bugging me that I can't remember this—heck, I can't even be sure this whole thing isn't some sort of imagined memory or misremembering of a dream or something—and I don't know any keywords that would be helpful, since searching for things like "Final Fantasy fan game villain protagonist" just gets stuff like "Final Fantasy protagonists/villains ranked" articles, lists of newer fangames I'm already aware of and that aren't it, etc. Any help is appreciated!

I know that this post is months old, but I wanted to mention that this really reminds me of an RM2K game called "Power Trip".


Wow, great job with the ship graphics! The only thing that's throwing me is off is that those stairs are way too short to actually reach that second level, which is at least two tiles higher than the lower level.

[RMMZ] JP Levels?

Do you absolutely need to use RPG Maker MZ? Would you consider using RPG Maker MV so that you can use Yanfly's JP plug-in?

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Ikoru, that looks very intriguing. Is that claymation? It kind of looks like it.