------------------------MY GAME------------------------------

I'm currently working on a game that's like an adult oriented Final Fantasy. It's very heavily dialogue based, and if you don't enjoy the story, then you probably won't enjoy the game. I will admit that the beginning is pretty cookie cutter. It gets better the longer you stick with it, and I'm going in another direction with the second installment that should be more interesting. I'll finish it no matter what, but it's always nice to get a little bit of encouragement to get me in the mood to work on it.

------------------------GAME PLAY----------------------------

Mature themes. It has a lot of crude humor. It has a lot of sexual jokes. It has alcohol usage, sex, and graphic descriptions of violence, including murder, rape, etc. Although the graphics make it look childish, I assure you, it is not meant for a young audience.

Also, combat is turn based. You need to find out what enemies strengths/weaknesses are, and battle accordingly. It's a pretty simple concept.

------------------HERO'S PREFACE------------------------

My first part is done. It's called Hero's Preface, and it is basically used as an introduction to the main characters. It introduces the main heroes, Karnac, Larz, Jack, Cecelia, and Celeste. It also introduces the main villains, Kildran, The Robed Man, and Shadow. The ending sets up the plot for the second installment.

---------------KARNAC'S AWAKENING---------------

This is the second part, which is in progress right now. I can't say too much about it without revealing huge plot spoilers. Basically, Karnac and Larz wake up in a strange place, and have to find a way to get out. They become caught up in a centuries old conflict in the process, are forced to make some tough calls, and meet a few interesting characters along the way. New party members will include Yukame, a foreign bowwoman, and Gilgamesh, a mighty hero. Along the way, Karnac meets his great grandfather, and he awakens Karnac's dormant powers. He is then molded into a powerful fighter.

-------OBJECTIVES (HERO'S PREFACE)-----------

The main objectives I had in mind when making this part was to build suspense for the next game, and to make the audience grow attached to my heroes through good dialogue and original personalities.

-------- Author Update 7/23/2018 ------------
Game didn't do as well as I would have liked and people didn't seem to enjoy the dialogue or characters. Considering I spent a lot of time on it I don't feel it's worth my time to make any more. I have almost no creative freedom and have to use the characters and artwork I've been given and yet people will still complain nonstop about that which is very disheartening. Not only that but there is no built in word checker so when you have massive amounts of dialogue you will miss some typos and people never fail to bring that up either. All in all I haven't had the best response and the game didn't do well. My objective was to create a new and unique anti hero that people would enjoy to learn more about, people didn't really enjoy it that much and I'm not wasting more time. I will probably finish out the rest of the story but it will be a for me only, I'm not wasting time translating it from a short story into a game as it takes much too long and is not very rewarding.

Case in point, I have other projects I'd rather work on such as a pen and paper RPG that you can play with friends. This game is like DnD but I want to make it more casual.
Hero's Preface
A fantasy RPG with mature themes and crude humor
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