Re & Apophis
An RPG, which takes place in ancient Egypt.



Let's Play: The Little Music Box and the Deamon (RV) - Parts 04 & 05

Thanks for playing the game again. Only unfortunate thing is that you didn't fight the "blue slime" in this one, either. Anyway, it was great to see you commenting on the game. :)

Let's Play: The Little Music Box and the Deamon - Parts 05 & 06

Thanks for the LP!

Let's Play: The Little Music Box and the Deamon - Parts 01 - 04


It will be the full version. :)

Re & Apophis Review

Thank you very much for the review, pianotm.
I am very happy that you liked it. :)

(I never watched the "Mummy" movies and just googled for the mirror scene.
What a coincidence. xD I took the inspiration for it from Tales of Symphonia btw.^^)


Yes, there will.
Besides Crescent and Sunny there are Jack and Christian as well.
Though only three party members at maximum will compete in battle.


I'll take this as a compliment. :)
And you are right, it really is grim.

the Little Music Box and the Daemon

Hey, I had to look "Dreamworks face" up.
Guess I am so much more knowledgeable now. xD

Game's release ~June 2016

Thanks for your respond, Dyhalto.
I have found someone who will do the proofreading by now, so it won't be necessary for you to proofread.
Thanks for your offer, though. Especially under the perspective that you absolutely don't want to do it. :)

Has anybody played the game?

hah! Upgraded Sobek's kilt kind of looks like a diaper x)

Since the beginning of time,
Good has clashed with Evil.

In order to rise again as the mighty sun itself,
Re must undertake a dangerous quest; an ordeal
through the Duat which lasts 12 hours.

In the 7th hour, Chaos incarnate itself appears.
The great serpent known as Apophis
attempts to thwart Re's objective.

Since the beginning of time,
Apophis gets decapitated every night.

Since the beginning of time,
Apophis reincarnates and tries again.

But one day, Apophis broke this eternal loop
and went to Earth, to spread chaos aground.
Thanks! I was always confused by the "land went" line, but my proofreader said it was alright. "And" does make more sense, though.

The game could use a failsafe system for providing players with puzzle hints. Remember in Metal Gear Solid how the Colonel would say during the Psycho Mantis fight "Snake, plug Controller 1 into Controller port 2" after dying like 30 fucking times? I know this from experience ._. In rooms that have hidden switches for example, count the number of times the player enters/exits the room and have a 'D' prompt appear where someone suggests "Let's try checking the walls".
I will think about it. I first thought about to set a timer for about 15 seconds or so.

I forgot a nitpick : Seth's Super says "Seth won't be under control anymore" implying that he'll be in a Berserk-state, but he is controllable and even has new skills.
Oh, that is a leftover from the first demo, where Seth was indeed not controllable after usage of this skill.