Artist for hire, no payment required for now.




Wait isn't that one of the default Windows XP backgrounds? Lol. I never thought to utilize that stuff. That's awesome!




The anatomy and proportions are REALLY bad. You should probably indicate some sort of elbow on the 4th guy from the left, as his arms look rubbery. The way you've shaded that blue fox kid's tail doesn't look right, either, and it doesn't consider texture.

Your hands also look nasty, sometimes even positioned too short in relation to the thighs. I'd take Darken's advice for sure, and a good anatomy book that focuses on art.

In terms of anatomy, yes some of the characters do look physically incomprehensible. I will say though that in terms of style (and I don't usually like it when people defend crap with the word 'style') the proportions are what they are--not exactly chibi but at the same time, not a normal anime style. It looks pretty well done for someone who hasn't been formally trained in classical art. I think what has to happen here is that Jman needs to practice his style more and refine it into something he could use professionally.


Is that a...Carbuncle?


Looks like a blue caterpillar...

Cosplay Crisis

Wait, so the main characters are cosplayers? WIN!

On the Arrogance of Storytellers

Absolutely! RPGs are Role-Playing GAMES--emphasis on the word "games". A great story sets a game apart but no one will want to sit through the story if they're not having fun interacting with it. Well-said, sir. Too many of the amateur game designers all over the web are so infatuated with making us sit through twenty minute opening cut scenes recounting tales of an ancient war or diabolical demon being sealed away that they forget the gamer is just itching to see what it's all about.

"In medias res", fellow gamers, in the midst of the action. That's the best way to get a story across.


@bulmabriefs144: You also have to add in the fact that all people talk it's just the way this certain character talks; improper.

Even if the character speaks improperly, there are certain rules that should be followed so that the player doesn't spend time questioning things like grammar. Dialect shouldn't be an excuse to ignore editing because even if the character says something in a certain manner, the game developer also means for it to be understood in that manner. It has nothing to do with the way a character speaks, just the way the player interprets it. What I'm basically trying to get at is that the player has to understand the dialogue even if dialect is involved.


Although with this scene, 'of' should still be changed to 'have' even that is his way of colloquially speaking.


Kinda reminds me of on of the Batman games that I seem to remember a friend of mine had on his Sega (GOD im so old)... it was the one with Batman, Robin and Batgirl I think...

OH MY GOD! I know that one. Batman the Animated Series the Game isn't it?