Artist for hire, no payment required for now.



Phantom Legacy (Part 1)

I loved Demon Legacy Nightblade but there was always one tiny thing that bothered me. RPG Maker 2003's battle system had a tendancy to play animations and then process the damage information meaning that long animations would take forever to play even though the damage had already been displayed. I noticed that this carried through to your game. I was wondering if you had fixed that for Phantom Legacy and if you could tell me how you did it? The only solution I've come up with is to create tedious battle events to offset this.

Need Art

I use Adobe Illustrator for the line work and quality and then I transfer it to Photoshop where I convert it into a pixel file at 256-color. If you're interested, PM me with a mockup of what you want in MS Paint and I'll get something together for you.

Final Fantasy: The Phoenix Prophecies

Alright. Here's some motivation: this game will be much better than that French FF Fangame--Final Fantasy Zero or whatever. The half hour demo you have is already five times better than the crap that I got when I downloaded FFZ.



Creating A Sprint/Run Key

The tutorial needs a few corrections. I feel like an idiot because when I listed the names of my events, I put them in which doesn't display in the actual article. So anyway, the event for running speed is and the name for the walking speed is hero.walk. The common event for the key is key.pace. Some of you probably would have figured it out without me pointing it out, but I thought I'd add the corrections here in case anyone was confused.