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I'm a little surprised that Tardis hasn't come by and complained about the aliasing and anti-aliasing combo. It matters very little to me, of course.

A lesson in life

I think you misunderstood,i d'int say that i,ll make a game like "hardcore xbox fan" in four days or anything like that.Also after all if i dont take a break then i,lll fell sleppy and might not think clearly as example dizzynes and feble mind (not able not think fast cause of insufficient sleep).And more but not to bore ya.So no, i,m not making a game and finish it all of sudden.I,m working when i have free time on it because its my hobby,but that doesnt mean i dont take it seriously.So dont put words in my mouth like that,as if you think you understand me and judge me only based on my words.Also it just happened that i could only response later so what can i do.Bad luck...

I think you've misconstrued my response as well, sir as well as misinterpreted my intended audience. In no way was I aiming my comment at you, in fact I actually glazed over it because there was so little written there and I don't really care about your personal experience with RPG Maker, just the discussion at hand. Karsuman posed a question regarding the definition of effort within the community, I gave my two cents.

Now if you feel like I was attacking you personally, then something must have struck true with you so you should think about that. I also did not put MY words into YOUR mouth because I never referenced you throughout the entire comment, perhaps you misunderstood how to use that phrase in proper context. I don't have a personal problem with you, but before you respond to anything think it through next time.


what kind of drugs do you take

All the best ones, I imagine.

On an off topic, who is the Asian Pop Star that you're always finding or making gifs of? She is hawt.

A lesson in life

I think that there should have been a better response accompanying the denial. It wasn't constructive enough to help the person as a game maker, and a rude response is also very detrimental to this.

In terms of the discussion, effort is definitely about putting more than a few days' or hours' worth of work into creating the game. It's fine to mess around with a program and create something quick for yourself in your own time, but if you take programming seriously, regardless of whether it's a hobby or something you'd like to do professionally you should work in a manner that reflects that desire. That means, more than just four days of work. That means writing out a scenario script, ideating characters and plot points, over all researching, among other things before you even begin programming. Granted there are contests on this website that push programmers to develop things in a limited amount of time, this doesn't mean that people should be submitting games that are half hearted.

It is quite passionate to spend four days straight developing a game without food, drink, or sleep. It is also absurd and a little ridiculous. A decent game is very unlikely to have been conceived within four days' time. I've never observed this happening before, at least. Even the competitions here end up receiving works that are very limited in their scope and although they are fun to play, they aren't any where near feeling complete and fully fleshed out.

Effort is all about the work that's put into a piece, not the passion. Those are two different aspects to the human character.


Fog overlay is alright, but I don't think it should be covering the interface.


Ah! I see it! Well played, old chap.


Maybe you should reduce the blur and glow effects on the text in the lower right. It's difficult to read, and I know that you want people to know who had a hand in making this game. On a different note, what's up with that MS Paint character?


Nice interface. It looks quite clean.


Damn. Nice.


I recommend a different font.