Artist for hire, no payment required for now.




Looks pretty good. Is this custom or ripped?

Mine Sweepers

I'm still scratching my head as to how you were green lighted even though only one of your three screenshots actually gives us any clue about the game. Please add more screens. The ones you gave us look so...empty.


lol...I'd like it more if this guy spoke with an eastern European dialect.


The lighting is slightly ambiguous here. There seem to be two layers of shadows? It's just a little difficult to see where the light source is.


Similar to the Splinter Cell lockpicking feature?

Why Plagiarism Matters

To say "nothing" is ever original anymore is missing the point, I think. Art isn't composed of new thought, it is reaction to old thought, and new people can give ideas new spins that make for an end result that can be very different than the original influences. I've never really bought into the idea that that everything has been done so there's no point in trying to be original. I think that's a bad trap to fall into.

This is true, but you're still going to get Jackson Pollock wannabes trying to get into art school with 'drip' paintings. You're still going to get the Final Fantasy Rip-Offs and you're still going to see other peoples' ideas and resources being used with or without permission. Originality is a difficult thing because someone, somewhere will find something unoriginal about what others may consider super original.

Why Plagiarism Matters

That is not the same thing as plagiarism.

Yeah but the topic went from blatant copying to the question of originality. I was just rolling with the punches.


Or just trim some of it off to save data and screen space. You could even use an overlay to switch it up if you wanted to be lazy.

Why Plagiarism Matters

Um, there are thousands of completely original indie games.

I doubt that there are that many original ideas. I meant for this statement to be a hyperbole. I wanted to illustrate the fact that everything being created is simply rehashing or putting a 'new spin' on an old idea. Perhaps I'm wrong and all these new indie games are truly original with no roots in anything, but it still doesn't disprove the fact that thousands more are just rehashed ideas that were original at some point. That statement in itself is my point, though. It's impossible to make something completely 100% original. Even if you have this brilliant idea for a game and put it together and throw it out there, chances are that someone, somewhere will say "Hey, I've played something similar" or "Hey, that looks just like..."

Why Plagiarism Matters

Oh and as an added note, when was the last time anyone here saw a completely original game on this website or any other amateur/indie game website with graphics/music/story or anything that wasn't stolen or re-appropriated from someone or somewhere else? I'd say that you'd be hard-pressed to find something like that anywhere on the internet. I'd say that only a slim maybe 5-10% of all the amateur games being made out there have everything made completely from scratch.

I think that this argument is more about unspoken rules and codes of conduct rather than anything legal or set in stone and to prove it, regardless of whether or not some new wave of thinking comes across the game making community there will continue to be games with graphics/music/sounds/parts of stories from other games. Lest we forget that a majority of these makers are probably under the age of 18 and most of them still have yet to finish puberty.

I doubt that half those kids have the time to sit down and write a complete story and make all the graphics for a game and do completely flawless programming. That's why rips, tutorials, articles, and all that exist. A lot of them don't even know what the word 'plagiarism' means nor do they understand the concept of giving credit to others or such.

If you want to get mad at anyone, get mad at all the people that should know better, and even then determining who to be mad at and all that is all subjective. If people are really that concerned about getting their stuff stolen, they should either not post their stuff online, or take better care of searching out all the people using their stolen stuff. Or maybe RMN and every other indie game website should have tighter restrictions and regulations about this kind of stuff.